How To Create A Drop Down Menu

how to create a drop down menu How To Create a Drop Down Menu. Having a nice drop down menu on your blog or site will help visitors to navigate your site, especially if your site has a lot of pages. It will also help your SEO as search engine crawlers will also crawl links from your horizontal drop down menu and find those pages that are on the menu. When you place your link titles in the menu try to use the main keyword phrases for the page you are linking to, giving that page a anchor link this will also help the page rank for those keyword phrase used in your horizontal menu, which is great for your SEO.

About The Free Drop Down Menu HTML Code and CSS Code

Our drop down menu HTML code, drop down menu CSS code and the drop down menu javascript is all in one, no downloading and messing around, all you have to do is copy the code and paste it to your site. Update your site and our sample menu will be on your site for you to see, all you will have to do is edit the HTML code and CSS code, and we have full tutorials on how to do this.

Drop Down Menu HTML Code

To edit the horizontal drop down menu HTML code is easy, where you pasted the code look for the HTML part of the code and remove the sample links and replace with your links, do the same with the menu titles remove our titles and replace with yours. You can add more main menus and sub menus you have full control, the best part is if you create a new page you can add the new page in a sub menu quickly, its best if you use a php file for your menu and place the php file on every page that way updating your menu takes a few minutes.

Drop Down Menu CSS Code

From the drop down menu CSS you will be able to change the horizontal menu and sub menu background colours, border size and colour, text size and colours, font type padding and more, full tutorials are provided to help you.

The drop down menu javascript will work the sub menus so when a visitor hovers over the menu the sub menu will appear you do not need to do anything with it. This menu is very fast loading and does not use images, colours are adjusted using the CSS code. Its a easy way for you to have a horizontal menu on your site that when you hover over the main menu a sub menu will appear, for full tutorials and the horizontal menu HTML code go to how to create a drop down menu HTML Code. We also have some helpful tutorials on the best way you can create your own website in a few easy steps.