The Art Of Natural Links

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natural links The art of natural links on your website is so important. When Google spiders follow links from other websites to your site they will know if these links are natural or unnatural. Any unnatural links you have coming back to your site could be a sign of disaster and damage your websites chances of ever ranking high in search results. If you want good results make sure that your back-links are natural.

Make Sure Your Backlinks Are Natural

Your backlinks must appear natural to Google to achieve the art of natural links, when you backlink be careful with the anchor text you place on websites that you use to link to your site.

Its better to use your URL and different versions of it. Example: If some was going to backlink our home page they would probably say something like this “ has lots of web design tutorials”.

Or “ has lots of web design tutorials”.

Or “ has lots of web design tutorials”.

This would appear natural to Google.

The person that backlinks would not use a keyword in the anchor text. You need to learn the art of natural links when you backlink. Also we always look for do follow links these are great but you need to have no follow links as well and lots of them.

Link building should also be done on a regular bases and more or less the same amount of links should be built each month do not build 1000 links one month then none the next, maybe every Monday build 5 or 10 good quality links from high authority sites that have the same topic as your site.

If you get the art of natural links correct your site will be very busy.

In the following infographic, our friends at Vertical Measures explain the β€œart of natural links.” There are some great tips here to try and show you the correct way to build natural links follow them.

the art of natural links