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Google Panda And Penguin Tool.Google panda tool and penguin tool Have you lost visitors? Not sure why, use the Google Panda and Penguin Tool. This SEO tool will show you the date of each Penguin and Panda update using your websites Google Analytics. If you have had a sudden drop in visitors on a certain date you will be able to see which Penguin or Panda update effected it.

See How Google’s Algorithm Updates Have Impacted Your Website Traffic


See How Google’s Algorithm Updates Have Impacted Your Website Traffic

Sign up. If you have more than one site with Google Analytics you will be able to select which site you want to check and see how Google’s algorithm updates have impacted your website traffic, is it Panda or Penguin.

See the above image. When looking at the graph if you have a decline after a update then you will be able to click on the line and a pop up will open with a brief detail of the update. In the pop up is a link, click on the link to find out in more detail about the update.

This is very useful information, it will guide you in finding out what could be the problem to why your site has dropped on Google.

Using this information, remove the violation, update your site to comply with the Google Panda or Google Penguin update and after a few weeks your site will start to recover.

Compare Keyword Variance

Compare Keyword Variance

Check your keyword variance, find out all the different keywords that have been used to link back to your site. You can check your keyword variance on each page.

What Is Keyword Variance

When we use links we always try and place keywords in our link title or anchor text to help our website rank for those keywords. You need this to look natural.

Using keywords in anchor text for SEO is not always good. Strange but true. You do not want to add anchor text to all your backlinks as you are building your backlink infrastructure.

It should be a good mix. Using just the website URL in backlinks look very natural and pass along link juice to your sites so it would make sense to add them into your SEO strategy. If you use a link to refer a website you would probably not use a anchor text instead you would use the sites URL like this this is something you would naturally see.

Its something that a person would just paste in when referring your site to others to visitors. If you are not using your URL in links out there catch the train and start getting that process in play, place your website URL in the backlink with no anchor text its more natural and will help your SEO.

When placing anchor text in links for backlink purpose’s vary the keywords that you use in the anchor text, your main keyword phrase should not be used more than 40% of the time then use a variety of different keywords and the URL link of the page for the 60% balance.

Remember the more natural the better, you can even use a small sentence with a keyword inside the sentence. Use the SEO tool to check your keyword variance and if you find you have a high percentage of some of your keywords then when you next backlink don’t use those keywords, use different ones and over time that will help to lower the percentage.

Proper Anchor Text for Best SEO – Click Here!

Sometimes we try to hard to get our website to rank for certain keywords and lose the perspective that we really need to have and that is what would your average visitor that wanted to recommend a link would just recommend the sites URL.

Think about it, if you were recommending my site in a comment or blog post you would say something like this. I found a site, that has a lot of good web design tutorials.

Or you might say. If you looking for some good tutorials on web design click here. You would not use a keyword in the anchor.

The next time you are building your backlinks take off any blinders that you may have on. Spread out the anchor text to some of that generic verbiage and your site will benefit by a more realistic looking infrastructure as well as a broader base and Google will show you search engine love for a long long time.

Now use the SEO tool and see if your site has been effected by any Google Panda or Penguin Updates.