Good Link Building Techniques

Building Inbound Backlinks


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good link building techniquesGood Link Building Techniques. When it comes to link building it can be a bit of a pain but you will need to do it if you want your blog or site to rank high in search engines. There are a few ways that you can get good organic links. One of the best way to get links is to participate in the community, I know what you thinking signing up to blogs and forums, write articles and then place links back to the page you want the backlink on, no not that way. A better way is to answer questions, when you read a blog post or forum post and you know the answer, then do a short post, visitors looking at the post will see your answer, realize that you know what you are talking about and visit your site for more information.

Social Networks

Participating on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Friend feed is a great way to get some good backlinks. Think about where people spend there time. Take Facebook for example you have a link from your site to your Facebook page and visitors have liked your page and are now members.

They have done this as they find your site interesting and by posting on Facebook not only gives you a backlink but they can also see your post bringing them back to your site. Get to know those people in your social networks. Post short little interesting articles then a link to the page about the article if they want to know more they will have to click the link bringing them onto your site.

Do A Conference Presentation

Do a conference presentation. People attending will live blog it, and will link to your website this is a great way to get some free backlinks. If you don’t want to do a live conference then make a few videos and post them on YouTube with a link back to your site in the video description.

Making videos can be a really easy way, you just talking and people can just watch it and get a lot of value out of it, and if its enjoyable and good others might post your videos on their sites. Remember if its on another site and people viewing the video want to know more they will go to the video on YouTube and be able to find your site from the link in the video description or your YouTube channel.

Get A Blog

Get a blog and establish yourself as a authority. Its not that hard to do and you can post all your latest updates about your site or make a post about your topic or business. People will slowly start to follow your blog if its got good content. Use your blog to establish yourself, its your online business card. Use it to build your profile on the internet. Write good quality articles.

If you know how to do something that you think others would be interested in post it on your blog. Maybe you watch a video and think its good if it relates to your website then post it as well, the same applies to articles. Maybe your blog won’t get you lots of links but if the content is good and unique search engines could rank it high and visitors could find you from it.

Visitors that find it interesting will subscribe to your posts and every time you make a new post they could get a email to notify them bringing them back. They can also comment and respond to comments on your blog. Start a blog using WordPress its one of the best blogging platforms to use.

Good Site Architecture

Try to make sure your site has good site architecture. How sure are you that your site can be crawled, can search engines and visitors get to all the pages on your site. You might think of course they can its a website think again lots of Webmasters mess this up.

Good site planning is very important, use a silo structure for you links, make sure your site has a site map and its up to date, this way visitors and search engine crawlers will be able to find all your content, each page on your site has the opportunity to rank on the first page of search results, make sure search engine bots can find your pages on your site.

Good Quality Content

Remember nothing beats good unique quality content when you build a website, its no good using link building techniques if your site does not have good content you are wasting your time.

Before you start writing your page content have a clear picture in your mind what the page is about then use the Google keyword search tool. It will help you find keyword phrases that you can include when you write your content.

Type in a keyword and it will give you keyword phrases based upon the keyword typed in, the best part is it will also tell you the number of people that use that search term, and using those phrases in your content will help you rank for that phrase and you will know the number of people searching for that phrase.

No point in using keywords that no one searches for.

Google does not use the keyword tag anymore so it really is all about the content and having strong keyword phrases mentioned in your content will help Google to know where to place your site in its search results.

Be careful do not base your content on the keyword phrases rather use them when you can and don’t over do it by placing a lot of keyword phrases in the content as it won’t get you anywhere.