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Why WP Is The Best CMS For Sites To Achieve Sturdiness

Building Your Own Website? Read This!


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We get asked lots of questions as readers read our web development blogs. One question that keeps being asked is: Why WP is the best CMS for sites to achieve sturdiness.

WP is the best CMS for sites to achieve sturdiness because its probably the best website builder on the web.

Today, there are plenty of website management packages in the market like Joomla, Dot Nuke, WordPress. They all have their own advocated but the problem for most of us is that we don't have enough technical expertise to use some of the available solutions.

using WordPress as a website builder
We need a platform, which supports easier management, SEO, customization and many other options for a strong online business. What better than WordPress could that be?

WordPress has evolved as one of the robust Blogging platforms for most of the online business. People who are still unaware of its benefits are opting for static pages like .html when that shouldn't be the case.

Check out the following gains of WordPress website development and we are sure you'll end up getting convinced with what WordPress has to offer.

Search Engine Optimization

Let's begin with the most most common benefit of WordPress, SEO. WordPress is a clear choice over its rivals because of the ability to manage on-page SEO fairly well out of the box.

It's true that SEO is a complex practice consisting of hundreds of factors, but at the end of the day, a simple WordPress installation allows you to easily manage your services without coding.

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WordPress implements a plenty of search engine-friendly techniques and principles such as:

1) Permalinks

After installation WordPress, go to "Settings" tab and find a section called “Permalinks”. By default, you’ll find the permalink setting which displays URLs based on a few odd numbers and characters.

It is to ensure to optimise your URL structure, with the ability to customise the actual words once you start editing a blog post or page.

2) Title Tags & Headings

It takes us to the next set of basic SEO requirements, which you can find in "content editor". If you’re ready to add content, simply go to “add page/post”. At first, you’ll want to add the title. Under that, you’ll find your URL structure, which is easy to edit, without touching any code.

3) Optimized Content

Once you have added the content, next you'll use "Visual Rich Text editor" to bold and underline words, upload images, add additional heading tags and hyperlink to other internal or external web pages. All of this will ensure that your content is easy to locate for the search engine spiders and crawlers.

WordPress Theme Customization

Every business owner has some desires when it comes to creating a website. You would want your online business to have its own look, and that's why WordPress offers you a plenty of opportunities to customise a website as you need.

Easy Improve The Look

There are endless themes with WordPress platform that you can use for providing an appealing look to your website. Not only you can create an enticing design by customising WordPress themes but also be able to add preferred functionality on your site, just to make it more user-oriented and alluring.

Help From Developers

Sometimes, you may need the help of developers if you are looking for advanced features in your site as it'll require expertise in CSS and HTML coding. We recommend contacting website design company’s if you are looking for custom themes or someone to build a website for your.

Most Themes Are Free

While most of the themes are free, it is advisable to go with a premium theme because free always have some or other limitations. The good thing about using a premium service is you don't have to pay too much to have too much. What else a person need!


As you might be aware of the fact that a slow loading website will divert your audience to some other website of the similar niche, it is important to have a website that can compete with the 4G speed of the Internet.

Even Google has made it clear that they consider the speed of a website as one of the important factors of better search engine ranking. It calls for a website which uploads fast.

Using an appropriate theme for WordPress will ensure your website's good loading speed. If still, your website is little slow, you can use seamless options offered by the website to expedite the loading time such as CDN, CloudFlare and cache plugins and much more.

Community Support

It is by far one of the best benefits of using WordPress as your website platform. WordPress is widely used and supports 27% of the total sites on Internet which means there is a large community out there of its users to support each other.

You can find plenty of message boards, blog posts, e-books, online tutorials, forums and much more. All of them are devoted to helping you get the most out of WordPress.

At anytime during the day or night, you can just shoot a question and surely, there'll be more than ten answers to your one question.


It's true that none of the available platforms guarantees a package entirely free from all vulnerabilities. You can even look for it, and if you do find one, it'll be fake. However, WordPress is widely known as one of the most secure platforms as it regularly updates its plugins, themes and core languages.

Still, there is nothing that assures you a website free from all kind of security attacks. What you can do to ensure a safe website is regularly backup your site, include updated plugins, use a unique and complicated password and avoid sharing information with strangers.


To know if WordPress is a right choice for you, identify what you want for your online business presence. Consider all the functionality you require including forms, connectivity with social media, online catalogue, online shopping cart, etc.

Probability is, you are most likely to choose WordPress for your website.


101+ Logical Reasons Why WordPress is the (BEST CMS) in 2018

Make A Website With Yola

Its Simple And Easy To Use


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make a website with YolaMake a Website With Yola. If you want to make your own website then you could try Yola. Yolas site builder is easy to use and you do not need to learn any HTML coding or need any web design knowledge to create a website. Yola is based in the United States, this means that their web hosting is from the United States and that could help your website rank better in the USA.

One thing that will help your site to rank better in a certain country is to host your site and get good quality backlinks from websites that are hosted in that country so it makes sense to use Yolas website builder if you would like your site to rank high in the US search engines.

Once you have made your website find other websites in the US to backlink to, you could find lots of Yola users by joining Yola on their social networks from there you will be able to make friends with other Yola users and ask them to exchange links with you, building your sites link structure with other sites from the US.

Using The Yola Website Builder

Yola offers a few different website packages, and the one that you need will be the Yola Silver package this has all the features you need to make a professional website. Once you have signed up you will be able to sign into your Yola website builder and make your own website.

The Yola site builder has lots of features that you can easily use and you do not need to learn any coding, Yola site builder does all the coding for you. All the below features are displayed on the website builder in the top menu bar, they easy to get to making it easy to make a website with Yola and edit your Yola website design:


  • Change you Favicon
  • Change the language that your site uses to display widgets
  • Provide your business location
  • Provide your business phone number


  • H1 Heading. Change your h1 heading with a click of a button, change text size and colour quick and easy. The h1 heading tag is after your title and description tag the next most important tag on a page and and Yola make it easy to get to and edit. The h1 heading tag is different on each page, and should be a accurate description of what the page is about.
  • Banner. This is how you will change the top banner image on your Yola site, your new image will be uploaded and hosted on your site and displayed on your web page, all done by the site builder, like I said you don’t need to know any coding.
  • Background. Want to have your own background image then click the background button upload your image press publish and your websites background will have the image easy as that. Maybe you just want to change the background colour and not have a background image, then select the colour you want save it and publish, you guessed it your Yola website has a new background colour, its so easy a child can do it.
  • Metadata. Click the metadata button and a pop up will open, and you will be able to place your Title tag Description tag and Keywords text in the pop up for the page you working on. Your Title tag is probably the most important tag on the page, followed by the Description tag which is the next most important tag. They should also be an accurate account of what the page is about and have your main keywords for that page in.
  • Navigation. You guessed it here is where you edit your site menu, you can make sub menus, change menu titles and lots more.

Yola has lots of widgets that you can use and from the Yola website builder all you have to do is click on the widgets button and drag the widget onto your Yola site builder where you want it and the widget will open allowing you to edit it, all very easy to use, below are some of the widgets available to design your own website.

  • Text. The text widget is used to place text on your Yola website design, edit the colour, size, font all from the text widget editing your site is easy, when you done save and publish.
  • Picture. Upload a single picture or image using this widget.
  • Picture Gallery. Make a gallery of pictures, it will display a thumbnail of the images and clicking any one of the thumbnails your picture gallery will open in a pop up, visitors can then browse your picture gallery .
  • Column divider. Using the column divider you can make neat columns on your site, then drag another image and text widget into the column divider and they will automatically be next to each other.
  • HTML Code. For more advanced users that want to have HTML code on their site this is the widget to use, place any HTML code in this widget and it will work on your site.
  • Horizontal line. Place a horizontal line across your page to separate different sections.
  • Add Google maps, YouTube videos, contact forms and more.

Changing The Look Or Style Of Your Yola Website Design

When it comes to changing the style of your site its all done from the web site builder, look for the Style button and click it you will be able to choose from hundreds of free templates, select the one you want and bingo you have just changed the look of your site in a few seconds, Yola makes it easy to change your Yola web design.

SEO And Yola

Make sure your site is optimized for search engines with Yola traffic builder, again its easy to find, look for the SEO button in the web site builder. Get found on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Scan your most important keywords and identifies pages from which they are missing then all you do is add them, it also spots errors that can hurt your rankings and shows you how to fix them.

Monitors traffic to your site highlighting keywords that got them there, you will also learn and track the performance of optimal phrases. The Yola traffic builder is only available if you upgrade to Yola Gold.

Summary: You can make a website with Yola it has all the web design tools you need to make your own website.

Ecommerce Website Design

How To Create A Online Store


Category: Website Design & Development

ecommerce website designeCommerce Website Design. Do you want to start a online business and start making money, or have a product to sell then you need to make an online shop with a website builder. Its not as hard as you think to build your own eCommerce website and will be a lot cheaper than getting web designers to do it for you.

The eCommerce software used in eCommerce website builders does all the work for you and to prove this some eCommerce website builders will let you have a free trial, which is great as you can try the full system for free and if you happy you then have the option to purchase the eCommerce software. This is probably a good way to try before you buy.

Best eCommerce Websites

Some of the best eCommerce websites will include all the necessary features to make their visitors experience a pleasure, they will include good site navigation this is important on any site but much more so for e-commerce sites, visitors to the site need to have the ability to browse among different categories and products quickly through an intuitive navigation system.

Having a clear and well positioned search box is crucial to an e-commerce site. Visitors looking for a specific item will find the item using the search box. Accept credit cards and support lots of payment gateways. They should also be SEO friendly. Who has all this and more?

Make A Online Shop With WordPress

Now you can make your own online shop with Bigcommerce their eCommerce website builder is designed to help you sell more, its fully loaded with some of the best features you can find to make a online shop website.

Everything you need:

  • Website
  • Domain name
  • Secure shopping cart
  • Product catalog
  • Payment gateway
  • CRM
  • Email accounts
  • Marketing tools
  • Reporting
  • Mobile-optimized store

Search Engine Dominance

Bigcommerce search engine optimization (SEO) gives you higher search rankings, this means more visitors to your store. The instruments of total Google domination are all included, from completely customizable URLs, meta tags and robots.txt files to automatically generated sitemaps.

Built in marketing

With discount and coupon codes, social media integration, newsletters, automatically generated customer lists and an abandoned cart saver, Bigcommerce gives you more marketing tools than anyone else.

Get gorgeous

Easily build a beautiful online store with themes, point-and-click design tools and customizable CSS/HTML. Need help? Choose from Bigcommerce network of expert designers.

100+ features, no extra charges

Unlike other eCommerce website design solutions, they don’t nickel and dime you for features like SEO, marketing tools, analytics, product reviews and coupons. They’re all included from the start.

Sell everywhere

Make your products available wherever your customers are, including eBay, Facebook, Price grabber and Shopzilla.

Accept credit cards

Choose from more than 60 payment gateways like PayPal, and Google Checkout. If you’re starting from scratch, Bigcommerce Payments will have you set up in no time.

Customize your products

No other eCommerce platform gives you such control over your products, from unlimited, fully customizable options to flexible product rules and inventory tools.

No transaction fees

Bigcommerce charge a flat monthly rate, meaning you don’t get penalized for being successful. As you continue to grow, your costs stay low.

Bank vault security

All Bigcommerce stores are PCI compliant, and their data center employs hacker deterrent security provisioning, three redundant network architectures and hardware firewalls. That means your store is highly secure. And their 99.99% uptime track record means it’s always ready to take orders.

Make Your Store

With Bigcommerce you can make an online store in a few minutes, helping you spend less time on building a website, and giving you more time for promoting and selling your products. Need some help to launch or promote your store they have a dedicated team of e-Commerce experts.

They can also help you grow your sales. Design your store from some of the best themes or work with a design pro to create a unique site that will really wow your customers. Add and manage products to your store complete with high resolution images, pricing, videos, product options and more. Then organize by category so customers can easily find them. Accept payments through more than 60 pre-integrated gateways such as Google Checkout, PayPal and Pay In Store, or use Bigcommerce Payments. Set up multiple payment options for shoppers to choose from to ensure you never lose a sale.

Bigcommerce is a complete content management system that lets you build and manage your entire website. Along with powerful e-Commerce functionality, you get the ability to easily create About Us pages, contact forms, banners and more. Set up and customize shipping. Add your own simple shipping rates or display real-time quotes from UPS, USPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Royal Mail, Intershipper, Canada Post and more.

You can even create shipping promotions to increase sales. Automate order processing and fulfillment by integrating with third-party providers like Ordoro, Doba or Shipwire. Regardless of what you sell and where you sell to, Bigcommerce gives you complete control over how taxes are applied. Shoppers automatically see product prices in their local currency with real-time conversion rate updates, so you can sell in as many countries as you want. Bigcommerce makes it easy to sell online. You get a website, shopping cart, SEO, design, hosting and more.

Building A Website With WordPress Is Easy No Coding Knowledge Or Skill Needed

Looking For A Website Builder? Try WordPress


Category: Website Design & Development

building a website with WordPressWordPress. What is WordPress? WordPress is website building software that you can use to build a website. WordPress is a open source blogging tool and a content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It has lots of features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. Today WordPress powers about 25% of all the websites on the internet. One in four websites is now powered by WordPress.

All you need is a place to host your site and some type of web building software like WordPress and you can create your own website.

Once you sign up to a hosting service you will be able to download and install WordPress onto your hosting account and build a website with WordPress.

One Click Installation

WordPress can be installed on the following hosting providers with a one click installation. WordPress is free to use, but you do need to host WordPress. That’s why you will need to sign up to a hosting provider. The hosting providers we recommend give you a free domain when you sign up. I use them for this site and websites that I build for clients. If you need any help please contact me before signing up and I will save you money.


Setting Up Your Site Or Blog

Once you have decided which web hosting service you are going to use and downloaded WordPress sign into your dashboard and start setting up your WordPress website.

One of the first things to do is your WordPress discussion settings so if you allow comments it will help to prevent spam. After each post visitors can make a comment and a lot of the time spammers and software programs will leave a comment that is unrelated to your post, they do this to get a backlink from your site to their site, setting up your discussion settings will help prevent this.

Making Your WordPress Site Or Blog SEO Friendly

The default settings of your WordPress site has the links in letters and numbers this is not SEO friendly, your URL should be the same as your post title and using the WordPress permalink settings you can change the way WordPress publishes your link so it’s the same as your post’s title.

This will help to make your site or blog SEO friendly. You want to do this before you start to make any posts, as changing the links once they have been indexed will give your visitors a error of not found as those links with the letters and numbers have been changed to the post title.

WordPress Themes And Plugins

There are lots of free WordPress themes and free WordPress plugins to help you build your site or blog. You can change the look of your site by searching for a new theme and downloading it this will change the look of your site, there are hundreds of free themes to choose from.

If you find that the theme that you are using does not have a feature then do a search in the plugins, find what you are looking for and install the plugin and the feature will be added to your site.

Also look for WordPress security plugins as WordPress is quite easy to hack and these plugins will help keep your site safe from hackers and software programs. Another good thing to keep your site safe is to have a strong password use a password generator to create it.

Creating New Page’s And Posts On WordPress

Once you have set up your site adding content is very easy, even if you have no previous web design knowledge the website builder does all the HTML and CSS coding for you.

From the dashboard you can create a new page or post in a few seconds and the editor makes it easy to add hyperlinks, upload pictures and YouTube videos and lots more to your site.

If you can post images and write comments on Facebook then you will be able to create a website with WordPress it’s that easy.

Start Building A Website With WordPress