Free WordPress Themes Vs Premium WordPress Themes


Customization is one of the best things about building a WordPress website. Adding extra features is easy using free and payed plugins. Choose your look is easy. Find the theme you like and download it, easy as that. Every newcomer in web-based business is seeking a way to create their own website and lots choose to download and install WordPress.

What’s The Catch?

Most people that choose to make a website using WordPress will choose one of the free WordPress themes. There are also payed themes that you could use. Using a payed theme you will have loads more features. Before deciding which theme to use free or payed you should consider these questions:

  • Are there any disadvantages when using Free WordPress themes?
  • What benefits can you reap by using Premium WordPress themes?
  • Which one is right for your specific project? Free or Premium WordPress theme?

The right answers to these questions will guide you to make the right choice for your business. You shouldn’t often think that premium themes are always better. This may cloud your better judgement. This is the reason we have crafted this post. With this post, you will be able to comprehend which one is better for your business.

So, let’s get you started.

An Analysis Of Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Themes Are Good Because They Are Free!

Its human nature to choose something that is free. However, WordPress themes are not just about that. Despite being free, WordPress themes have so many qualities that are worth noticing. In this section, we will discuss those qualities in details:

The first and the foremost reason for people going for free WordPress themes is it is free. Isn’t that obvious? When you are getting all the decent features and functions for free, why pay for that. This is the reason people go for Free WordPress Themes. When I say “People”, mostly I mean people who are new to website design.

Free WordPress Themes Are Compatible Mostly

Imagine, you purchased a premium WordPress Theme. But when you start using it on your WordPress website, most of your plugins started showing incompatibility issue. What is the point of having a WordPress theme that dosen’t work with most of your “Essential” WordPress plugins? This is where free themes are a bliss. They work with almost every essential WordPress plugin. And if you find that it is not compatible with some of your website plugins, you can change it instantly without paying a single penny.

Free Themes Are The Way To Go If You Are Looking To Create A Simple Design

Most of the Free WordPress themes are minimal in design. This makes them quite fast to load. Hence, a fast page load time is assured. In addition to that, a minimalist design also assures an elegant and easy site navigation with satisfying user experience.

So, if you seek to please your audience with a fast loading website, a Free theme is the way you should head. Also, these free themes have fewer compatibility issues with most of the WordPress plugins.

Why Shouldn't You Go For Free WordPress Themes? After All Its Free

There are many reasons. Despite being an easy and user-friendly layout, they are not preferred by most of the WordPress experts. The word caution is always being used when it comes to using a Free WordPress theme. Have a look at these point before you move forward to free WordPress theme:

All the free themes are limited with respect to the features. Many large websites and businesses require extended features which a free theme is incapable of catering for.

These free WordPress themes are not unique at all. That makes sense right? You cannot expect to pay anything and get things unique. Each one of the free themes has over one million downloads each. That is the number of users currently using that theme. No space for having any sort of unique website for free.

Do not expect any support from the theme developers. They just made you a
WordPress theme without charging you a buck. If you expect them to solve every issue
related to that freebie, then you are surely out of your mind.

Why Someone Creates A Free WordPress Theme?

Now, we shouldn’t be hasty aye? There are many reasons which may motivate a WordPress developer to design a WordPress website for free. The first reason may be like they want a word about them to be out in open. Have you heard about promotional product marketing right? It is the same concept but just in the form of a digital product.

Also, they want to show off their portfolio via catering a WordPress free theme. The ultimate choice is all yours basically. Whether you opt for it or not, it is entirely up to you.

Before you make any decision, you might want to look into the other side of the argument about the premium themes:

An Analysis Of Premium WordPress Themes

Enough chatter about free, let’s talk about premium WordPress themes.

Way Too Many Features Than The Free One

When we talk about premium themes, they have ample of features and customisation options. As the paid theme market is full of high-end competition, they are bound to make their respective themes full of features. The price tag under the belt is defined only with that and since you are paying for it, you can remain assured that you are getting a high-end product.

Excellent Support & Free Of Security Vulnerability

Paying for something gives you a distinctive advantage. Same happens with WordPress themes. When the themes are premium and paid in full, the developers are bound to give you all sorts of support when you need it. In addition to that, these premium themes are built by experts and security is tops.

They Are Unique In Every Sense

Premium WordPress themes may be developed and then used by millions, but there is a catch. These themes have so many customisation features that allow you to create an entirely unique layout for your WordPress website. This is the USP of premium WordPress theme on which free themes cannot compete on. This is the major reason for Website Design Service in Adelaide to mostly opt for either the premium theme or the custom WordPress theme for their clients.

The Final Remark

As per the above discussion, it is quite clear that preferring premium themes over free themes is the most likely outcome. They are high functioning, they are stunning, they are unique, and since you have to pay for it, they have excellent support.

Whatever your decision may be, you must remember this. When you start a website, first you must go for the free WordPress theme, then noting the various ups and downs choose a paid theme as your website grows.

I hope you like the point of argument here. If you require a custom theme please feel free to contact us on our contact page.

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