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Website design and development – There are billions and billions of companies in the world, and almost all of them have a website. The ones that don’t often get left behind by customers that need information and products in an increasingly digital world. Having a social media presence isn’t enough, although it does help companies succeed. Besides having a regular desktop version of a website, it’s also necessary to have it optimised for those who browse on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Website Design And Development
Website Design and Development Agency Limerick

Small businesses and new companies may have a bare bones version of a website, but more is definitely needed. With so much competition that exists, a company must stand out through its site. If the site isn’t up to par, then the customer will simply find another business that provides a similar service and shop with them instead.

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Tips For Designing A Website That Works

There are multiple factors necessary to having good website design that will attract customers and keep them coming. First of all, the site needs to be visually appealing. This doesn’t mean to choose loud colors or flashy animations. Instead, the design should be clean and simple yet interesting. All pages should maintain the design scheme for a sense of unity.

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Next, the website needs to be informative. Refrain from writing out long paragraphs on every page though, as this can drive customers away. Instead, provide company background and objectives in a concise manner instead of endless blocks of text.

The site also must be up-to-date. Dead links, broken page URLs, and an empty web store are all great ways to turn customers away. An employee at the company must check the website every so often to make sure that the site is as updated as possible. If links are dead, they need to be removed or fixed. If a page doesn’t work, an information technology or IT professional should get it back in order, and if the store has sold out of items, these need to be restocked.

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Make Sure Your Site Looks Good On Computers, Mobiles, iPads And Any Device Its Viewed On

As mentioned, optimising a website is also a necessity in today’s time. A company may have to work with two different website design companies to achieve this objective, but some can design a regular version and a mobile version of a site. The mobile-optimised version should look the same or very similar to the regular version of the site, but the information should be even more brief to appeal to mobile users that don’t have a lot of time. Long walls of text can easily turn a customer off. All of the links on the regular site, including the company about page, contact page, and the store should still be present.

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Get Your Company Website Designed By Experts

A company that wants to get its own website designed should work with a development agency in the Limerick, Ireland area like Surge Media. Whether a company needs an advanced site, mobile-friendly conversions, software development, an eCommerce shop, promotional materials, newsletters and brochures, website banners, a new logo, or a website makeover, Surge can take care of it.

Marketing a company can be difficult, but the right website is a great tool that can be used again and again in conjunction with any campaign. Once a company has a wonderful website, social media posts can be written that consistently link back to the website. This increases a company’s search engine optimisation or SEO, which determines where the company’s website will appear when a customer looks it up on a search engine. Better SEO means better visibility for a company, but it all starts with a comprehensive and unique website.

A custom web application development project can be a moving target with many decisions and trade-off’s. Building the right web application for your customers requires an in-depth knowledge of your business, and a web development company capable of understanding your vision, find out more about web app development.

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