Website Builders VS Web Hosting Which Should You Use


Website Builders vs web hosting which should you use? You decide to make your own website and try to figure out what’s involved to get started on line, you need to create a web presence and start looking for website builders online and find flash website builders, drag and drop website builders, and ecommerce website builders. Then you see free hosting for web sites from a web hosting company. There are so many ways to get online, should you use a website builder or a web hosting company?

Whats better? Website Builders vs Web Hosting

There are lots of online website builders that you can find on the web some are free website builders that you can use to build a free website but you will have to upgrade to build a professional website. Other professional website builders have all the features included in their site builder from the start and offer a 30 day money back guarantee or a free ten day trial period.

If you do decide to use one of the online website builders then make sure you sign up to one of the professional website builders. Its a good idea to do some homework, search for website builder reviews on Google and see what other users have to say.

There are lots of different site builders for different types of websites, for example:

eCommerce Website Builders

eCommerce website builders are designed to build online shops to sell products on, they cost more but have loads more features to monitor stock levels, sales and lots more. There templates and features are designed to sell products and most offer a free trial period.

Flash Website Builders

Flash website builders include flash design software that allows you to design and get online quick and easy even if you have no web design knowledge. They include professionally designed flash templates that you will be able to use to make stunning websites that match your business needs.

Free Website Builders

Be careful with free website builders they are limited and in most cases the free version is useless, building a website with a free website builder is a waste of time your time. To get all the functions the site builder has to offer you need to upgrade and that costs money.

Free Trial and 30 day money back guarantee Website Builders

Free trial websites offer you a set time in days to try their site builder out and see if its the one for you. Unlike the free website builders that are limited with free trial website builders you get to use all the features. Then when the free trial is up you will be asked to make a payment to continue building your site.

30 day money back guarantee website builders also give you a way to try before you buy. Use the full version for 30 days if you not happy request your money back for a full refund.

What do you get?

Most website builders will provide you with:

  • A large variety of Website Templates to choose from.
  • All web site builders offer hosting with their packages.
  • Drag and Drop website building which means no coding knowledge needed.
  • Widgets for contact forms, slide-shows and everything you need to get online.
  • eCommerce web site builders have all the tools to set up your online shop.
  • You will be able to add images, videos content and lots more.

If you would like to make a website using website builders try 1and1 MyWebsite or Build a Website with Wix. To build a eCommerce website use BigCommerce and get your online store up and making money online.

When it comes to website builders vs web hosting I would use hosting for the simple reason that website files can easily be moved from one hosting company to another. This means if hosting was poor at one company you can move your entire site.

Website builders have their own format and cannot be moved in most cases, this means your stuck with the website builder.

Host your Site and use WordPress

website-builders-vs-web-hostingWhat is web hosting? Web hosting is a service that you pay for and upload your website files to, the files are stored on banks of computers on the internet. When someone wants to view the files they can in the form of a web page on their computer on the World wide web.

Web hosting services offer you this service for a monthly or yearly fee. Once signed up from the control panel you will be able to install website building software like WordPress and build a website.

WordPress makes it easy to create a website, with hundreds of free themes and plugins to choose from anyone can get online.

The advantage of using a hosting company rather than a web site builder is that if ever you have a problem with your hosting company, your website files can easily be moved across to the new hosting company. Most hosting company’s will move your files for you when you sign up.

Your site will continue to run online with no down time when you move from one hosting company to another.

The first step is to register your domain name then sign up to web hosting and from your hosting control panel install WordPress.

What’s your opinion on website builders vs web hosting leave a comment below.

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        1. Should I use an online site builder or a standalone web editor? In my opinion, though, the best web editor around is actually a commercial web editor called Adobe Dreamweaver. None of the free editors (or even the other commercial offerings that I’ve tried) even comes close to this. It has a superb visual (WYSIWYG) interface that can suit both newcomers as well as seasoned professionals.

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