How To Engage Audience With Mobile Friendly Landing Pages


Does your website have mobile friendly landing pages? If you want traffic from mobile phones make sure your site has mobile friendly landing pages. In the era of mobile devices marketing and lead generation on the digital space must address mobile access to content through in-app ads or other mobile optimized sources. Users now are more driven to content from native ads and emails on mobile native ads than from other sources. This relatively new but potential source of traffic is bigger than traditional web traffic sources and naturally for marketers this new source represents the next big horizon of opportunity.

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Google’s recent algorithm update clearly states the necessity of optimizing your site for a more user friendly mobile experience. And when mobile optimization is talked about certainly engaging landing pages are not left out of this consideration.

There are too many instances where websites have particularly been penalized by Google for not optimizing their landing pages for mobile users.

Making landing pages look good on mobile devices is not the only way out, landing pages should engaging by making use of the device screen size and functionality.

Optimizing landing pages for mobile is not just criteria for Google. It is actually needed to make your landing page deliver better leads for you.

In short if your site does not have mobile friendly landing pages and is ranking well expect it to start dropping in search results soon. Do yourself a favor have a redesign done and make sure you have mobile friendly landing pages.

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Things To Do For Making Landing Pages Work On Mobile Devices

There are too many different types of mobile devices with varying range of capabilities and there are equally or more variety in user expectations and user behaviors on the web. This gigantic maze of different devices, user behavior and purposes in a combined manner determine the success of your landing page. So, one distinct type of landing page can be preferred by audience and fetch results only to a certain extent. Different devices and purpose requirements need to be addressed differently.

Segmentation of landing pages is not just a choice but a requirement especially for variety of mobile device users. A single landing page design cannot attract all types of users on different devices. But creating different landing pages with different look and feel addressed for different traffic sources will lead to better user engagement. Secondly, among tracking lead conversions for each type of landing page and target audience will clearly show the success factors and factors that suck.

  • Mobile devices unlike desktops or laptops are known for more frantic, impatient and fast paced browsing. Naturally, creating first impression with your landing page will matter a lot if you want to tap mobile users.
  • If the landing page is directly reached from the marketed email the design of the landing page should be coherent and continuous with the email design.
  • The marketing email copy and the landing page copy should be consistent with each other.
  • The email and the landing page both should contain the real value proposition.
  • Headlines in both email and the landing page copy should be same and optimized for search engine queries.
  • Creating a great first impression should always get priority.
  • Infuse the headlines with emotions to get better result, but always remain contextual.
  • Make sure your email CTA and landing page both shares the same simplicity and ease of use.
  • Make use of white space for better engagement. Eye-catching CTA with lot of white space around the CTA buttons and short, crisp and relevant form makes landing page campaign optimized for mobile devices.

Think About Your Web-Page Speed

To conclude, clutter free, simple, easy to use landing pages enhances your chances of visibility to several notches. A clutter free landing page enjoys 26% more conversion. Most users find themselves comfortable in ordering something from desktop rather than mobile. It is basically because wider screen of desktop with better readability and product view assures them that they are deciding right. Moreover, apart from screen constraints mobile pages often are slower to load making experience further worse. So, loading speed for your landing page is another important factor in tapping the mobile audience. A whopping 43% of users just refuse to revisit web pages taken more than 5 seconds to load. Make sure your landing page does not suffer from this problem.

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Landing Page Elements That Require More Mobile Optimization

Just as every landing page is different as per your focus on segmenting them, user behavior in regard to every different type of landing page would invariably be different. Tracking user behavior and response to different landing pages will give you insights how to optimize them for different devices and users. Such tracking will make it clear as which elements are needed to modify and to what extent. In some landing pages maybe the marketing copy needs a facelift or overall change and in some landing pages maybe the CTA buttons can be modified for better response and in some cases maybe the background image or headlines may require a change. There are some principles that can be focused in optimizing landing pages for mobile devices.

  • When the landing page is simple it hardly distracts attention. So, simplicity is the first principle to make users stay on the page.
  • Secondly, there should not be many options for the user to go elsewhere from the page. Not much navigation buttons, links or contents irrelevant to the landing page objective should be there.
  • To inform the user about brand, terms and conditions, contact information, etc. should be there. Otherwise the page will lose authenticity.
  • Using trust badges is a great way to increase authenticity and credibility of your landing page.
  • Adding user and customer testimonials to a landing page is another great convincing element for converting leads.
  • Displaying industry acclamations and awards is another way to convince visitor.
  • Consider improving CTA through the use of color psychology, color hierarchy and positioning of CTA buttons to express importance.
  • Scaling of page with responsive design to display all elements properly across mobile devices is most important for all the above mentioned tips to take actual effect.

Mobile-Only Landing Page Versus Responsive Landing Page

Almost majority of businesses rely heavily on responsive design to address mobile audience and they are not wrong. There are number of reasons to shift towards creating responsive websites. The below mentioned statistics show why responsive design still wins the heart and minds of users.

  • A landing page with responsive design shows 256% better performance simply on account of simplicity and ease of navigation.
  • Switching from mobile landing page to responsive one can bring 200% more traffic.
  • Finally, it is responsive design that plays crucial role in improving the overall performance of the website.

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To Conclude

With all things followed and done as guided above certainly your landing pages will deliver more leads and business conversion. But that is far from reaching the end of the road. A landing page needs constant evaluation with the fast paced mobile reality and metrics of user engagement.

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