Ideas For An E-commerce Landing Page

Landing pages are usually the first place of interaction between potential customers and eCommerce brands. An e-commerce business may use them specifically to persuade customers to buy from their online store. However, many e-commerce businesses aren’t able to design a landing page that can convert visitors into customers.

If you are currently struggling to create a high converting landing page for your e-commerce business, take a look at a few ideas for a highly optimized e-commerce landing page.

1. Catchy Headlines

One of the first things that visitors will see when they arrive on your landing page is the headline. Many e-commerce businesses use a catchy headline to compel visitors into buying their product. This idea is popular because it helps to capture the attention of visitors and compels them to read through rest of the information on the landing page.

Make sure that the headline of your e-commerce landing page is bold, big and understandable. Don’t use industry jargon if you think that your audience won’t be able to understand it. Try to convey a simple but powerful message that visitors just can’t ignore.

2. Lots of White Space

White space or negative space refers to the space between and around the elements of an image or page. Alex from VM Interactive believes that this is crucial. Using white spaces helps clear up the image and layout and draw the attention of customer to important elements of the e-commerce landing page.

Leave white space in the layout of your landing page to increase the emphasis and focus on the product image, headline or call-to-action.

3. Social Proof

People will hesitate to click on the buy button if they don’t feel safe doing it. When customers find something new, they seek to verify it. That’s why it is essential to incorporate elements of social proof on your landing page that verify your products.

Customer reviews, third-party verification’s and product recommendations are some elements that you can incorporate in your landing page to make your products or offers more trustable.

4. Concise Page

E-commerce landing pages shouldn’t be too lengthy. The purpose of a landing page is to make a sale, not overwhelm visitors with unnecessary information. Sometimes it can be difficult to write a concise copy without highlight all the essential features of the product. In this case, Servme advises to use icons to illustrate product features. By using icons, you can highlight the important information about your product without taking too much space.

5. Call-to-Action

The call-to-action button of an e-commerce landing page should be prominent in color, size and contrast. The visitor must be able clearly see the CTA and it should prompt them to take action.

A good idea is to use a CTA that creates urgency; for example, using works like ‘don’t miss’ or ‘limited time’. Generic language should be avoided, so don’t use words ‘click on this link’. Make sure to add CTA button at different areas of your e-commerce landing page to increase your chances of capturing the visitor’s attention.

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