How To Create An Email Newsletter The RIGHT WAY (Step by Step)


In common scenarios, newsletters and email marketing seems a little complex than it actually is. People often refrain from investing into newsletters, in order to avoid all kinds of troubles. Little do people understand that newsletters are among the best ways to garner more leads and more conversions for your organization. Newsletters get you the customers and sales figures you never thought you could garner.

Let’s Begin By Understanding What Newsletters Are

Any email newsletter is actually a marketing technique that is sent out regularly through regular emailing platforms or certain professional ones on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. The emails are sent to the people who are subscribers to the business’ information, products, services and other events. The people who get these emails are the ones who have already signed up for receiving these emails.

The content in these newsletters is developed on the basis of the people who are supposed to read the same and also on the basis of the events/product information that needs to be dispersed.

Newsletters are excellent when it comes to dissipating knowledge to thousands of people about the latest events and happenings in your organization along with new product launches. They are even greater when it comes to garnering a rise in your conversion rate and your leads.

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Here is how you can create an effective email newsletter the right way!

Define Your Goals

Why do you actually require a newsletter? What’s the purpose that a newsletter would probably solve for your business? Getting answers to these two very important questions is a crucial step to create effective news letters. You should define your goals first and then go ahead to actually create one.

Your goals could be divided into different aspects. They could be:

  • Wanting people to buy something from you.
  • Wanting people to trust your business.
  • Wanting to educate your customers about your new products/events/your business developments.

Defining and pre-setting these goals helps you draft out effective newsletters that actually get you the right engagements and will help you establish your presence in the online markets in front of the right-intent audiences, find out more Designmodo html newsletters.

Know Your Data

Know beforehand who are you sending your newsletter emails to. Prepare a database of contacts to whom you are going to send these newsletters to. Take help of spreadsheets and segregate a list of people who are right for the newsletter you are about to send.

Your audiences could be divided on the basis of demographics, the kind of content in the newsletter, professional backgrounds, etc. Your content might be great for one audience segment but might not be liked by the other segment so much, which is why you should make lists and spreadsheets before you finalise on the recipients.

Frame The Right Content

Choosing the right language and the right content to communicate your events, products and services or other business news to the people is crucial to successfully create and optimize a newsletter to your benefit. Choose to share valuable content among the people in a precise manner.

Share the important details like date and time, place, relevance of the content/event, progress of the event, people involved, product and service information. Do not try to sell your content through newsletters in an aggressive fashion.

People often make this mistake, push too hard and fail! 10% promotion of your brand or your products is more than enough. In fact, try and keep your content as crisp and as short as you can. Stick to shorter sentences that are easy to comprehend and catchy. Difficult text language is not a fan-favourite. Explain in detail, but keep it expertly precise.

Choose A Layout

Define your layout by choosing a document header. You could incorporate multi page elements that will be professionally displayed with the help of right layouts. You could take the help of any free online layouts or create your own graphically and add unique features about your business into the newsletter.

You could add a volume number/date and year to the newsletter to make it more professional and categorized. Ensure the layout that you choose balances the text and the images in your newsletters. Your images should complement the text equally and so should the backgrounds of your layout.

Look forward to not cluttering your audience’s screen too much break up the text into headings and subheadings, along with catchy fonts and color schemes to make it more appealing to the people.


The importance of call-to-action cannot be ignored at any cost. Be it a fully optimized website or a newsletter, CTA holds an imperative place in our lives. Whenever you send out any newsletter to your subscribers or your customers, you would want them to come a little closer to you in terms of purchasing or performing certain other actions like downloads, sign ups, etc.

This can be made possible with the right-worded call-to-action buttons. CTA button is essential as it is the very premise of your conversion enhancement. Gather a list of powerful words, add contrasting colors to the button, and place it among white space to get it highlighted even more. Make sure the CTA button is HTML based so it loads better.

Schedule Properly

Plan your communications in an intricate manner to schedule everything out for future. Your future communication and newsletter schedule needs to be mapped out beforehand, while you are planning your latest layouts and newsletter content.

Plan everything out in three stages:

  • What content.
  • Who are the recipients.
  • When is the right time to send.

Prepare a schedule to send out your newsletters in a precise manner. These schedules should very well be made for at least the next couple of months. Ensure you have all the essential content ready in advance to send out as and when required.

Broadcast each newsletter well within your time frame to keep the audience engaged in a regular fashion. By scheduling in advance, you are directly aiming at staying at the top of the list for each contact you are sending it out to.

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