Why Fast And Secure Hosting Is Important For An Online Business


When planning an IT structure innovation or an online expansion strategy, one of the most important decision a business need to arrive at is choosing a dependable  web hosting services. Although website developments are influenced by several factors, the server it runs on influences its performance when it comes to page loading speed, security and availability.

Corresponding, experience of the end users is dependent on the hosting services quality, and this is usually a major factor that influences online business growth when you create your own website. Most organizations use blogs and websites in engaging their consumers and reaching their potential consumers. While majority of business owners realize the importance of creating remarkable content, most give a fast and secure hosting a back seat.

Here are the reasons as to why fast and secure hosting is important for an online business.

To Avoid Negative Effect On SEO Ranking

The goal for each and every business with content marketing is to always rank high when it comes to search results, so that their consumers can find them with ease. If the site hosting their online business is repeatedly down when the search engines are trying to visit, then their ranking will be negatively affected. Besides downtime, most SEO professionals also believe that slow sites hurt rankings.

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To Avoid Loss Of Revenue

In case an organization’s website goes down. Their potential consumers will not be in a position to learn about their products and services, leave alone viewing their blog posts. Even worse, if they host an online store, they will miss out on potential income and sales. For instance, recently Amazon had about a 40 min outage which resulted in losses amounting to $5 million. Not all businesses will have such big losses, but it is still a loss, however, small.

Malware Attacks

F1 IT Support Canberra state that there is no ideal solution for keeping website completely secure. However, reliable web hosting will back up data of a business to a remote server; hence it can be restored with ease in case their site is hacked. Fast and secure hosting will also assist them with security issues, technical support and maintenance 24 hrs a day.

Online Payments Security

With more and more businesses operating online, merchants accept online payments through credit cards over the internet. For people dealing with sensitive financial information and credit cards over the internet, the necessity for a secure and safe connection is important. Secure hosting plays an important role in a business’ overall security. Business owners should therefore make sure that they have a secure hosting, so that they can begin planning for their businesses knowing they’re providing their customers, clients and their businesses with the best protection possible.

Ensure Security Of Their Clients And Customers

People operating a business, large organization or government venture must make sure that they have a secure hosting. This is because the internet is likely to suffer from virus attacks, DDoS attacks, hackers and more. By opting for a secure web hosting, business owners can have the self-assurance of knowing that they have a built-in protection through secure socket and firewall layers.

Those using secure hosting are able to assure their customers and clients that the information transmitted over the internet is protected and encrypted; this is normally noticed by websites using an URL stating http. Secure hosting of email is one of the vital features a business can have, because it will instill trust in customers and clients.


Why fast and secure hosting is important for online business? As seen, fast and secure hosting is not only very important in business growth, but also in maintaining the security/privacy of the customers, clients and the business at large. One must always rely on the expertise of a specialised web hosting company such as Host Geek to derive the maximum outcomes.

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