E-Commerce Web Design Trends In 2017


The world of web design is constantly evolving…well, what comes around goes around. Some of the trends that ruled the industry a few years age are no longer relevant while the other ones are still on the crest of a wave.

As the popularity of online shopping is gradually growing, it becomes more and more important to update your website up to the requirements of the time. How to do it? The first and the foremost is to stick to the trends of the epoch, providing customers will all the spectrum of wonderful opportunities.

What trends do we have at the moment? Minimalism, increased usability, understanding the need for high-speed page loading, high-quality UX and a few more. Huh, all these are in a very and very great demand for online stores, but let’s touch some up comings that are also relevant to corporate websites, portfolios, and information projects.

E-Commerce Web Design Trends in 2017
E-Commerce Web Design Trends in 2017

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#1 Flat 2.0

Flat 2.0 appeared a few years ago and originally was the complete opposite to skeuomorphism.

This approach unites the next new basic principles:

  • Bold and bright colors.
  • The desire for minimalism.
  • Strict 2D – absence of shadows, textures, and gradients.

Now we can fairly say that flat design has evolved to 2.0 version, which is characterized by the presence of 3D elements such as shadows, reflections, and some depth. In general, the main task remains the same – to minimize the information "noise" to avoid congestion and unnecessary graphical elements (that is to focus the user's attention on conversion).

#2 The Growing Share of Mobile E-Commerce

This segment is growing at an impressive pace, but many websites are still not adapted for comfortable viewing. The use of responsive design allows providing mobile users with the best UX, which consequently increases sales.

The Growing Share of Mobile E-Commerce
The Growing Share Of Mobile E-Commerce Website Design

#3 Images and Pictures and Sales Generators

One picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it? This is true for all sites in general and online stores in particular. What social network features the most dynamic growth rates in the last two years? Yes, that’s Instagram.

The attention of the most users is unfocused while high-quality product photos and visually engaging content that stands out and catches the eye can be the key to success in e-commerce.

#4 White Backgrounds

Many designers prefer to use a pure white color as the background to highlight the content and avoid confusion. The resulting contrast makes CTA buttons and photos more visible and attractive.

In addition, white is a neutral color that reduces the probability of mistakes. Regardless of whether you are selling children's toys or industrial equipment, you can be 100% sure that the white background perfectly suits you.

#5 Pop-Ups

A bit strange to see their return of this annoying advertising, but pop-ups proved to be effective and widely used by marketers on the websites of online shops. Well, the thing that needs to be done is making pop-ups at least somehow beneficial to users.

For example, by offering a discount. Another trick is to display pop-ups with some delay, so the user could scroll to the end of the page instead of closing it immediately.

#6 Card Design

For the first time, this trend appeared on Pinterest. Such an arrangement of content blocks facilitates navigation through overloaded webpages from both PC and mobile devices. In addition, such a design is much easier to adapt to viewing on different screen resolutions.

#7 Increased Attention to Typography

Images and text are important individually, but their combination is even more effective. For example, well-though CTAs can significantly increase the conversion rate and make the potential buyer click on the "Purchase" button.

#8 Minimalism

Perhaps, it's not even a trend, but one of the most recognized approaches to web design. A crucial feature is the abundance of free space, since it improves the perception of the website, allows putting accents to draw attention to CTAs, concentrates the visitor’s attention and accelerates the purchase solution.

Although content largely affects the success of the website, if it is too much, it may affect adversely.

Pictures helps break up the content, makes for better reading
Pictures Helps Break Up The Content, Makes For Better Reading

#9 Improved UX

To create the perfect interface, the designer must understand the expectations and the needs of the user, as well as predict the reaction to this or that element. This requires a basic understanding of human psychology, an in-depth experience and the ability to correctly interpret web analytics data.

Increased attention to usability, the desire to reduce the bounce rate, optimize conversion and minimize the need for extra user action will likely grow in 2017.

#10 High-Quality Background Images

Perhaps you have often met websites with large pictures on the background. That’s a great way to attract the attention of the visitor with minimal efforts. High-quality photos or videos make your site more appealing, capture the attention of visitors and increase sales.

Have a look at this site with its video background.

It looks clean, professional and attractive and, what’s more important, provides the feeling of owning the product before the user clicks on the button.

Of course, the popular trend is not always a good choice, but an understanding of where the market is going may help you to find your own original solutions. Gone are the days when people had to adapt to the restrictions on websites! Now you have to design based on user expectations.

Analyze and draw conclusions! Standing out from the crowd is not easy, but the effort will definitely pay off. Nothing prevents you from applying those trends to your online store, does it?

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