Blogger Outreach And Its Power On Website Rankings


Social media took over the world years ago, and a lot of things have changed since then. Formally exchanging links became irrelevant and people who sent spam emails to no specific audience became the experts of social media. People started focusing on these ‘experts’ begging and exchanging with other ‘experts’ just to gain visibility to get a link.

This practice became impractical because search engines became aware of their “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back” tactic. This tactic almost killed the social media market. Gladly, it isn’t dead yet; you just need to diversify your tactics to see success.

And one of the tactics that you can rely on is blogger outreach. You just need to understand what it is and what kind of power it holds on your website’s rankings.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

A blogger outreach campaign is a campaign wherein a company looking for exposure for their products or services pays an influencer with money, products, or services and the influencer writes about them in exchange.

Who Is An Influencer?

An influencer is an above average person who has an impact on a niche. He/she usually has connections in social media platforms, industry associations, consumer groups, or tribes.

An influencer can be essential to your company, not only as a marketing tool but as someone who can help build social relationships of your business, especially if he/she has control to an essential audience of your company.

The Power Of Blogger Outreach On Your Website’s Rankings

Have you ever watched a tutorial video where a person uses a product and the mentions the product’s brand name? If your answer is yes, then you've been an audience of a blogger outreach campaign.

Now, you wonder how giving away something can be beneficial to your company, right? Believe it or not, blogger outreach has a power on the ranking of your site. Here’s how:

blogger outreach

It Can Help Build Your Brand

Whatever the size of your company is, you’ll always have difficulties to get people to become interested in you. But if you can get an influencer to feature you, your business, your products, or your services, you have a chance to showcase your brand to his/her followers.

The more people who’d get to see you, the more people who would potentially interested in you. This may lead to
more shares, more shares can mean to more people seeing you, and then the cycle goes on.

You Can Acquire High-Quality And Relevant Links

Google adores links that are relevant to your site and of high-quality. And where can you quickly get these kinds of links? You can get these from a blogger outreach campaign. How? As I’ve said earlier, there’s a tendency that when an influencer features you, your brand gets shared, and every share comes with a link that goes back to your website.

So, you see, the link can be considered as high quality and very relevant.

You’ll Be Able To Get More Content

Regularly creating content can be quite tricky, primarily if you’re aiming to create content for ranking purposes. That’s why having a blogger outreach campaign can be powerful for your rankings since influencers create fresh content on a regular basis.

Now, you can let your influencer regularly develop content for you, and all you need is the ranking juice is to promote the content on the right channels.

It Can Help Develop Strong Relationships

It’s essential for any company to build relationships with anyone with influence, and building relationships with your audience is also as important. Through your influencer, you’ll be able to communicate with audiences in and out of your niche that you haven’t reached out to before.

The campaign can also help you communicate better since the influencer has closer relationships with their followers. Through them, you’ll be able to send messages you can’t usually convey to the audience, and receive messages that you don’t typically receive. Remember that communication is one of the keys to developing healthy relationships.

The changes on the social media market are not your enemy; they are your friends, you just need to know how to work your way through them. Any blogger outreach is a way of working these changes.

Blogger outreach may be a fresh concept, but knowing how to use it in the right direction can leverage your website’s influence. Now, all you need to do is pick the right influencer for you and your company, and build and nurture a relationship with him/her.

Building and cultivating a connection may be tedious at the start, but when done right, it will give you powers you have never imagined before.

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