Advanced eCommerce SEO Tips To Improve SEO Results In 2018


When owning an eCommerce store, it is necessary to maintain the visibility of the store in the Search Engine Result pages of the search engines. Our article on advanced eCommerce SEO tips will help you. The traffic can be the deciding factor for the success of an eCommerce store. As the visibility and the traffic are the factors that bring customers to the store, it can help to maintain the robust ranking among the competitors in Google SERPs.

When your store upholds the SERP ranking, it can manage to have highly profitable returns and bring the business to a great exposure where the business can grow into a selling machine. SEO Melbourne specialists advise that Search Engine Optimization entirely improves many things such as visibility of the website, engagement, retention, and ranking for enhanced search engine results.

Here, in this article, you will find various tips you would need to carry in the year 2018 for the improvements in the SEO results. Being a Professional SEO Services provider, everyone must follow these and enhance the sales growth of the eCommerce store.

Content Must Be Unique

Content is ruling the SEO world for many years and therefore will continue to do the same in the upcoming years. But, with the advancement in the technological world, there might be certain upgraded security features for the plagiarism checking of the content. Maintaining the content to be unique falls under the primary factors of the algorithms by search engines.

Especially, when it comes to eCommerce store, there are various competitors selling similar products or services which may lead to the redundancy in the content of the products and services.

Therefore, it would be a must-do thing for the eCommerce store owners to generate original content which can be detected and graded by the search engines. The content should be helpful to get the thing about the product or service from the customer.

Also, when you start using predefined templates and databases, it may lead to the lower SERP ratings as the content can be detected on the competitor’s websites as well.

User-generated content is something that is highly required in this quickly transforming era of the technological world. If the visitor doesn’t get things about your products, he will not make a purchase from your eCommerce store.

Optimization Of Meta Descriptions

Though meta descriptions do not play a very important role in search engine rankings, they can be optimized in order to increase the Click Through Rates of the website which may lead towards growing traffic.

There are various ways of optimizing the meta descriptions which can offer efficient results to the Search Engine Optimization of your eCommerce store.

Meta descriptions are something that helps users to figure out whether the website can provide the appropriate item they are looking for. Hence, it is supposed to be written from the point of view of the visitors and will lead towards enhanced CTR.

As we know the meta descriptions has a character limit of 160, it should be within the limit, but entirely meaningful. The meta description should be able to explain the URL, and should be engaging in nature to make the users visit your website again.

Along with engagement, the meta descriptions should prompt an action from the customer through a Call to Action. It should persuade them towards purchasing the product and services offered by the store.

“Check it out now” or “Buy Today” can be the best Call to Actions for an eCommerce store.

Let Users Review the Product

When you start getting abandonment on your eCommerce site, note that the reason is mistrust most of the times. Due to lack of reference material to validate the quality of the product selected by them, they may leave the product without buying. So, when you let your customers add the review to the product, you can get potential leads through the information required by them to finalize the purchase.

Reviews are known to be a reliable content by the customer, as they are provided by the users who have experienced the purchase from the same eCommerce store.

The reviews are submitted with the honest responses with an absence of promotional intent. The reviews serve as freely submitted original content in order to help you increase SERP ratings to enhance your user-experience.

Blog Integration For Better Promotion

Not only the website content, but also the blogs can help you have advanced promotion of the eCommerce store. You might be promoting on the blogs of your own website, but rather than that, you can integrate a blog and experience better results of the promotion of the eCommerce store.

This can be a great way to create unique content and regularly create awareness regarding the offers and discounts provided by you occasionally. You can also provide information regarding the tips or buying guides for the products you want to promote. A blog is the most engaging way for making customers visit your store and make a purchase.

It is a great way of spreading the thoughts, building relationship with customers and provide internal backlink to the product pages of your website.

Make Navigation Logical

When you have logical navigation on your eCommerce store, it becomes easier for the visitors to find products on your store. The eCommerce website offers the right to sort and filter the content based on multiple parameters.

You can offer them the ability to sort on the basis of price, range, brand, color, size etc. but, when a lot of entrepreneurs do the same, you could end up containing lots of duplicate pages.

So, in order to solve this problem, you may need to highlight the important pages to be indexed and avoid the passing link to the unimportant pages.

For better navigation, it is recommended to have a clean and short URL structure along with effective eCommerce SEO. Shorter the URL, easier it becomes for the customers to search for the things they are looking for.

Quality Link Building

Link building might be one of the most traditional ways of effective SEO. But, from the year 2018, the quality links will be given higher preferences over quantity links. Most of us think that when the eCommerce marketer contains a huge variety of networks and links, you will have maximum traffic directed towards the store.

The alternative of link building is yet to come, till date, link building is a huge ranking factor on the search engines. Whereas, the fact is placing inbound and outbound links everywhere can actually reduce the credibility and traffic of your eCommerce store.

When you look for the quantity of the links and start placing links indiscriminately on the low rated websites, your store can ultimately cause lower SERP ranking as the search engines penalize such website.

The website that promote their links on blacklisted sites gets blocked by the Google. But having quality links can let your eCommerce store rank highest on the Google SERP. Always remember without the quality links, you can no rank higher, even if you have the most wonderful type of content with every ranking factor of the SEO.

Have An Entire SEO Audit On Your eCommerce Store

When you audit your website, you will be able to discover the reason behind not getting enough search traffic and sales. Therefore, there are various SEO companies that offer this service, but, doing it yourself can help you save money and do it more precisely.

Auditing is a process of examining the event, result, concept, or the financial books of a website to figure out how your eCommerce store is working from the perspective of SEO Services USA.

This can help you in finding out how to make smarter decisions in future. When talking especially about SEO audit, it has become a great technique that would help you attract the customers.

When you closely examine the website performance, you can find out the bugs and set new goals for your eCommerce store. The main aim of this process would be to make the best use of the content that you already have.

This is not a rocket science technique of SEO, but it is one of the must do thing for any professional SEO services provider to check in an eCommerce store.

When you deploy the result-oriented SEO technique on an eCommerce store, there are chances that you may get success on your online store.

These practices assure the right publicity on the search engines along with the entry of the website to a competitive business environment. The simple SEO steps can let you gain highest boosts on the search engine ranking.

When you practice them consistently, you can cultivate a great yield for the long term. With these techniques, you can turn your visitors into happy and loyal customers of your eCommerce store.

SEO Services

There are a lot more techniques to be implemented for the advanced SEO results for your online store in the year 2018. There are various SEO services in USA who can help you with the latest and unique SEO techniques to let you rank higher and experience sales growth.

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