7 WordPress Automation Tools For Better Productivity On Your WordPress Website


Lucky you if you’re receiving a lot of visitors on your WordPress website. However, with success comes challenges making it difficult for you to manage your WordPress site. It takes a lot of time and dedication to administer and manage a whole lot of tasks, such as creating quality content, managing social media networks, keeping up with the comments, implementing content marketing strategies and much more.

While WordPress is ingenious in itself, you still have to wear multiple hats as a webmaster to manage a slew of activities. However, the good news is that WordPress offers the ease and convenience of using a multitude of automation tools and plug-ins to help website owners carry out their activities efficiently saving a lot of their time and efforts.

So, if you want to automate the mundane tasks in order to reap the benefits of this amazing platform hassle-free, check out these powerful WordPress automation plug-ins.

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Automatic Post Scheduler

Why to waste your productive time in posting various posts individually if WordPress can do the same for you? Automatic Post Scheduler is a tool that can be used to design an editorial plan and schedule posts automatically as per your need.

No more scheduling the drafts separately! With this plug-in, you can automate your WordPress posts and even recycle old posts to keep your website clutter-free and fresh.

This plugin is extremely significant when you need to import a multitude of posts. Simply save all the posts in drafts and Automatic Post Scheduler will post them on their scheduled time for you, so that you can use this time in performing other fruitful tasks.

Broken Link Checker

Finding and handling the outdated or broken links is one of the most annoying tasks for the webmasters. Instead of testing them manually, make the smart move to use an automated WP plug-in Broken Line Checker to get a list of your bad links automatically.

This plug-in will examine all your posts, and comments for broken links and lost images, and notify you if found. No more investing your time and efforts in finding such links. Simply change them to improve your user interface and boost SEO.


If you’ve a big blog, receiving a lot of spam comments is quite obvious. As your blog evolves, various spam-bots become super active and end up posting tens of spams every day. These spams, if not cleared timely can load your site database heavily.

In addition, combating the spammy comments from your WordPress blog becomes vital to keep your blog away from the scary Google algorithms.

If you’re tired of deleting the spammy contents manually, it’s time to install Akismet – a plug-in that will automatically block all the spam comments and delete for you on regular intervals.

It also allows you to review the spam details it identifies. It is a lightweight plugin that helps you free disk space and improves the speed of your website.


Finding complexities in managing your multiple WordPress sites? Install WPRemote and leave all your worries on this plug-in. This smart plug-in enables you to manage all your WordPress websites remotely by tracking them all from one place.

Not only this, it also frees you from the hassle of keeping an eye on various WordPress and plug-in updates. WPRemote keeps a track of the current versions of all your WordPress sites and easily update them with just 1-click. Plus, it keeps a back up of all your files and database.

Task Manager

Looking for ways to manage your project team and coordinate the teamwork? With the Task Manager plugin, handling teams is no more a trouble now. Quick and easy to use, webmasters can now manage all their tasks and time effortlessly.

It is a fast and intuitive plugin that can help you create tasks, assign users and track the progress. Communication and cordination among various teams is no more a pain with this super active plug-in. Simply, assign tasks to your team members through email notification and keep a track of their progress and work status through their comments.

SEO Smart Links

Enjoy the benefits of Search Engine Optimization automatically with SEO Smart Links without making extra efforts! This plug-in can link keywords in your blogs and comments in accord with pages, posts, tags and categories on your blog.

It is a perfect solution that also helps you set up your own keywords and matching URLs. Get you blogs interlinked with other sites or add affiliate links to with SEO Smart Links.

The entire working of this plugin is entirely transparent offering you the freedom to customize it from within the administration settings panel.


Social media is an inevitable aspect of every webmaster’s marketing strategy. Regular posts sharing, comments and feedbacks on various social networks certainly plays a vital role in enhancing their brand value. However, keeping up with all these activities gets daunting sometimes.

Thanks to WordPress marketing plugins like NextScripts that automatically publishes posts from their blog to various Social Network accounts. All you need to do is write a fresh piece of content and NextScript will publish a nicely formatted blog with backlink to all your configured social networks.

In addition, it also offers you the ability to make delayed and scheduled postings. What more, it can also automatically import Facebook comments as WordPress comments.

The Bottom Story

WordPress is indeed one of the best CMS helping millions of aspirants to develop their brand presence online. Its diverse features, convenience and user-friendly interface makes it possible for even an apprentice to build their site within no time.

Above all, the various automation tools it offers help webmasters optimize their workflow to the utmost. Not only these tools help them simplify their tasks but they can go on autopilot and make the best use of their time to achieve desired results. We recommend visiting WP Plugin Development services for lots more helpful development information on WordPress plugins.

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