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free-backlink-builder-toolFree Backlink Builder. Backlinks are the life blood of your site and trying to find them yourself can be difficult especially when you want the backlinks to be the same topic as your site. With the free backlink builder tool it just became a lot easier to get some free backlinks. Build quality inbound links to your site with the same niche quick and easy try it today.

Backlink Builder Is One Of The Best Ways To Get Some Inbound Links To Your Web Pages

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The free backlinks builder is one of the better Webmaster tools, beneficial because it saves you time by not having to type commands into Google one by one.

This free backlink builder tool does this for you.

How do you use the free backlink builder tool?

Lets say you have a website about web design and would like to get some free backlinks to other web design sites, you type in the desired keyword in the free backlink builder tool, in this case web design or you could even type in PR9 web design, this would give you PR9 websites that are about web design. Next contact the owners and request a backlink.

In a few seconds, the free backlink builder tool returns numerous helpful links in 4 different categories for you to follow in Google. The results will be in the following categories Add/Submit, Advanced, Directories and Blogs/Forums.

The Backlink Tool Is So Beneficial Because It Saves You Time Typing Commands Into Google

The webmaster tool is so beneficial because it saves you time typing commands into Google one by one. For example, if you want to Add/Submit your URL to other sites, you could go out to Google and type web design add URL or web design add site or web design submit url or web design submit site and so on. Now its done for you with a few clicks.

However, the free backlink builder tool will return over 20 such results in a matter of seconds. You simply follow the links it returns which is way better than the one by one.

Once the free backlink tool has found the site with the same topic as your site and you would like to get a free backlink from that website contact the site owner using their contact details.

Tell them about your site mention that you both have the same topic and that you would like to exchange links with them. Its a good idea to include your sites title and link in the email.

Always Try And Have 1 or 2 Out Going Links On A Web Page And Backlink Your Landing Pages

There is a good chance that the site will add your link to their site without you having to place their link on your site, if they request that you do say no its not a good idea to link to them as well, you want a one way backlink.

When you link to each other there is a foot print and Google can see that you have linked to them and they have linked to you. DON’T DO THIS METHOD.

Google looks at out going links on a page to help discover what the page is about so linking to a page with the same topic or niche as your page will help your SEO.

Stop your page from loosing link juice by having a no follow tag in the link.

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When you start to make a website make sure you submit your site to the search engines this will help them discover your site sooner also submit a site map to Google Webmaster Tools. If you looking for 300 free backlinks click here, also check your site at least once a month for broken and dead backlinks they can damage your site remove them, also check the quality of your backlinks.

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