WordPress Has Changed The Way Brands Interact With Advertising And Digital Displays


WordPress has been ruling over the internet for quite a few years now. It is the leading CMS platform, a reliable website builder, and blogging platform. It has ushered in a new era of website building and data maintenance among businesses looking for a place in the uber-competitive digital world. Off late, WordPress has been making its presence felt in the world of digital marketing as well. Although it is impossible to say that WordPress was never a part of digital marketing, the advent of digital signage has made the leading CMS also the platform of choice for several advertisers.


Where Do We See The Digital Displays Right Now?

The digital displays in the college premises, touchscreen payment system in the college canteens and the touchscreen registration systems inside schools and colleges are all parts of the amazing digital journey that began with WordPress.

WP has become synonymous with digital signage right now thanks to its ease of usage, remote access facilities, improved security and extended software compatibility. Add a dash of private hosting to these services, and you will be able to enjoy the fastest, glitch-free out of home advertising possible.

Private hosting is always the choice of the smart advertisers. A public hosting or shared hosting involves some websites with a huge variation of target users. Now, these target users can be reliable people with good purchasing power like your visitors, or they can be hackers waiting for the weak link in the chain.

History has shown that private hosting keeps data and company reputation safe from hacking attacks, malicious disruptions and embarrassing casting fiascos.

Digital signage for schools and colleges have the power to attract like no other advertising method. Especially during the evenings and the nights, when the signs light up the surrounding fields, strategically placed benches or hallways, they are bound to grab eyeballs.

So, unless you have a plan that involves cheerleaders, mascots and a few loudspeakers on hire 24 x 7 for the next few weeks, digital signage platforms are your best option for attracting your target groups in busy places.

Why Do People Love WordPress As A Digital Signage Platform?

The signage systems are simple, and they simply need a reliable platform for WordPress to run seamlessly throughout the day and night. This platform allows easy manipulations, timing preferences and switching of contents.

It supports the functioning of remote LED screens carrying the brand message. Be it text rich content like the kind we see on school and college signage boards or image-rich content like the kind restaurants use to attract new customers; the WordPress sites are fully capable of supporting the varied content types without fail.

Digital market oracles believe that the digital signage software industry is going to reach the pinnacle of 10 billion dollars by the end of 2023.

WP Spoils You For Choice

WordPress comes with a flurry of brilliant new themes to support the LED digital signage content. You can pick from hundreds of free themes or thousands of paid premium ones that can support your advertisement seamlessly. Possibly the biggest advantage of working on this CMS platform is its amazing ability to accommodate new features and functionalities.

It also has a worldwide user group who keep posting updates for the existing themes and plug-ins for increasing the usability of WordPress themes for digital signage purposes. The out of home advertising scene is evolving steadily holding hands of WP. Apart from restaurants, hospitality businesses and medical facilities, we see a steady infiltration of the OOH advertising’s into schools and colleges across the country.

Affordable Security

WordPress is an affordable means to display the brand message. It provides a secure platform that encrypts the login details of the admin. It bars the entry of unauthorized users through the backdoor of the websites or the database. The website database can traditionally have 11 tables, and it can store almost endless amounts of (big) data needed for fueling the advertising campaigns.

WordPress developers are slowly coming up with touch-friendly, intuitive designs that can allow two-way exchanges between the digital signage users and the remote servers. The WordPress website database can store the user's credentials and responses accordingly. This provides a wonderful basis for a successful ad campaign for any brand.

WordPress Is Always Evolving

Most people are in love with digital signage and WordPress due to their ease of access. Now, people can enjoy the perks of mobile-friendly WordPress plug-in designs that can control their digital signage displays and content remotely. Several new WordPress plug-in versions include –

  • New layouts and themes for the displays.
  • New fonts that are compatible with selected version and theme.
  • On-screen management dashboard for complete control.
  • Easy editing options for content on screen.
  • Options to include videos, animations and HD audio with the digital display content background.

Almost all the top plug-ins that exist today comes with a drag and drop builder, easy dashboard editing options and visual cues for maintenance of the site. This makes it so much easier for laymen, who do not have the knowledge of complicated codes, to maintain the displays.

A Few Last Words

WordPress brings forth a cost-effective solution for all brand owners and advertisers out there, who are tired of the ridiculously high booking rates of television ads and newspaper ads. Digital signage has an expansive reach, which is more than the traditional methods of advertisement.

All you need is ready to use presentation, a robust website/CMS platform, and software that can integrate your content into your display medium. Over 90% of all businesses in the USA are ready to adopt digital signage in the next three years. It is now up to you to decide whether to hop on the digital display bandwagon right now or to simply watch while your competitors deck up their stores, kiosks, and fronts with impressive LED displays.

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