What Problems May Occur When You Create Your Own Website


Nothing can be as exciting as launching a new website. This could be a newly developed site or a revamped old website. Whatever the reason for developing it, it is a moment to reckon and especially when switching it live for the first time.

You can create your site by yourself or hire a professional to do it but all the same, the created site should be smart, secure and responsive.

A properly designed website loads faster and has information relevant to searches. If you are a student and designing web-pages is your thing but assignments can’t let you concentrate, you can seek for a professional writer to help you tackle some of your class work from this website.

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There are common mistakes that web developers make that can affect the overall performance of your site. Examples of these problems are:

1. Poor Quality Design & Layout

Not everyone is a web designer and therefore, many hire professionals to do that work. It takes time to design and create a new internet website and one can wait for months for it.

Suppose after waiting all that long time your handed a poorly designed page! To avoid this, before the designer can embark on creating your website, ask them to provide you with samples of their previous work and at least show you a wire frame work of the page they are intending to design.

Also, do not pay all the charges upfront but instead wait to clear the balance only after you are satisfied with their work.

2. Site Not Appearing In Web Pages

Once a page goes live, the expectation is that it will start appearing in google web search results. However, if you find that your new website is appearing nowhere, then there is a problem somewhere. The reason could either be due to technical programming issues or poor search engine optimization.

As a way forward, you can ask whoever designed it to check why it is not appearing on search engines. Also ensure that all pages are highly optimized to compete well and rank higher than other competing sites. You can also login with your Google account on the search console to ensure your site is indexed in search lists as soon as possible.


3. Site’s Incompatibility With Mobile Devices

However well designed a site might be, you may find that it does not appear anywhere on mobile search lists but that it appears when you use a computer. What this means is that your page is not well optimized for mobile devices.

Considering that most searches are done using smart phones, you may lose a lot if your site doesn’t appear on searches lists but nevertheless, the page can be re-adjusted to make it compatible with mobile devices. This is of course an after-thought measure and it should not be the case.

4. Broken links

Have you ever searched for a google page on the internet only to find that the page you looking for is missing? If you have, then this is a case of having a broken link. Mostly this error is reported with code 404.

This problem results when published pages are deleted but their links remains. Deleting these links manually can be a tedious job but if one uses Google’s broken link checker then it is easy. You can also download third party tools to identify and delete these dead links.

5. Your Website Could Be Hacked

In a survey that was conducted on more than 40,000 Word Press sites, 73% of those sites were vulnerable to hacking. If your website has something of interest to hackers, then it can be targeted and the sensitive data stored will be stolen or destroyed.

How would you feel if you wake up one day and find that you cannot access your website because some crooks somewhere took over your site or brought it down? There are many crooks that survive online by hacking websites and to avoid falling into their traps, secure your site well using the latest technology and regularly back up your data whenever you make new changes or updates.

6. Pages Taking A Lot of time to load

No one likes to waste time waiting for a page to load. This is a turn off and chases potential buyers who could have landed into your page. Considering there are other different websites offering similar products, you should ensure that your pages load fast to prevent them from clicking the back button.

You can use a third party tools like GT Metrix to determine if your pages are loading as expected.

Loading problems can be caused by:

a) Not optimizing your images
b) Poor quality hosting servers
c) Adding numerous plug-ins or add-ons

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