Web Design Tips For Creating UX For Millennials


Millennials are often considered a tough crowd, especially when it comes to web design and UX. Overly confident in themselves, boasting to know everything and always demanding the best conditions, millennials seem like spoiled and snobbish brats. The truth is that there is a gap between them and the previous generations due to the rapidly changing and evolving technology. The first website was published in 1991 and quite soon the GeoCities appeared in 1994 and offered everyone free space on the World Wide Web to create their own web pages.

But today, websites are significantly more different than their previous versions, especially in terms of UX, and GeoCities is long gone and its data posted on the Internet like a relic in the museum.

Hello, World!

Web design is constantly changing to fulfill users’ expectations and preferences. Unlike today, the first websites were primarily text. Images and design were excluded due to the data capacities and Internet speed. Web development evolved pretty quickly and profoundly since then. When DHTML became popular, the most important thing was to create the design which will not suffocate the viewer and clog the Internet connection, while still giving them advanced and modernized design. Nowadays, pop-ups asking you to apply for website notifications and various advertisements are jumping out of the screen. What once was considered annoying, now is an integral part of digital marketing.

First Personalized Websites

The knowledge has broadened its meaning today, and it’s more than education. It’s about sharing the personal experiences of everything. But this practice is not new and actually existed on the Internet almost from the beginning of web design. Unlike others who required payment, GeoCities was the first to offer the space for websites to anyone for free. A web hosting service, GeoCities let their users choose a “city” to place their content. For example, if you wrote movie reviews you would place your content under Hollywood. After Yahoo! purchased it in 1999, this practice was replaced with member names in the URLs.

Benefits Of The Improved UX

The technological advances required a new approach and that was further promoted by the users’ need to have fast access to the knowledge. Although Millennials believe that they reshaped the Internet today, the truth is that the websites of the present are built on trials of the past. Faster and widely available Internet connection, smaller and compact devices, as well as the constant need to have access to information instantly, created the abundance of data we see today. Therefore, websites needed to be faster, organized and of good quality. Rapidly, the content needed to be carefully created to attract a new audience and retain the existing one.

Web Design Challenges

There was a time when web design was complicated and not a job for everyone. If you showed today’s youth how it was done, they’d call it archaic and a programming. But those codes of old are responsible for possibilities and experiences the websites offer now. In the beginning, one of the biggest challenges was how to create websites so they properly display on all browsers. Now, it is the matter if you created something which can be seen on all platforms and devices, like mobile phones, tablets, and even smart TVs.

Symbiosis Of UX And Digital Marketing

If you want to promote yourself or your business, you only need a website to start with the digital marketing. Although you can still see commercials on TV or advertising on the billboards, the website has the most effect on the audience. SEO Experts from GWM advise concentrating on creating quality and trustworthy content and infuse it with proper. Another element of modern websites is the communication with the audience. Millennials like feeling as part of the websites they frequent through social media and contributions. They like to provide their insights, reviews, and comments on the content, share their personal experience and be part of the community a said website represents.


User experience is very important to Millennials and they transferred that to all others. It is not they who changed the Internet per se, but they were the first to accept the new trends. And soon enough the Millennials turned from mere consumers to influencers too. All the world has to do is wait and see where will this relation take us next.

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