Top 7 Website Template Trends To Follow


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Importance Of Website Design Templates

There are over 1.7 billion websites worldwide at the time of writing this article. The number is counting much faster the ticking of seconds in a clock. Another important fact about the attractive website designs is that 2/3 of internet users prefer to see a good design and attractive website rather than the website with plain content.

This behavior of internet users pushes the demand for attractive website templates and designs. Huge demand for paid and free website templates is consistently increasing in the global marketplace.

According to the IBISWorld research information, the total revenue of the US website design market is expected to cross the $38 billion mark by 2019 with over 6.6% annual growth. The global market of web design is also one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide.

This huge growth in the market creates demand for the web developers and subsequently, the website development cost increases significantly.

Many recent studies suggest that only the best websites with an attractive interface and great performance can compete in the present day competitive business ecosystem. So, the importance of web designing is very high for improving customer satisfaction and user experience.

Top 7 Trends In Modern Website Templates

The internet user of the present has become very demanding. With the advent of faster internet technologies and better electronic gadgets, the behavior of an internet user has changed significantly.

Newer website designs and templates are normally introduced by web designers to cater to the increasing demands of internet users. No doubt, this pushes the web development cost a bit higher.

Let's have a look at the top 7 website templates that will trend in 2020 and have a look at their business suitability.

1 Jevelin Template

Jevelin is one of the best website templates that are trending in the Q3 of 2019. It is also expected to remain among the top trendy website templates in the coming year too. It is suitable for a WordPress website and supports numerous plugins.

This template is available for download at a very reasonable price. It has great features like easy item editor, mobile-ready, responsive, SEO friendly, easy installation, wooCommerce support, and fit for multi-purpose websites.

This template supports the drag and drops feature, option for multiple layouts that you can design for the custom look of your business. You can also hire Ukrainian developers to help you out professionally for a very reasonable price too. HTML5, CSS3, and other technologies are perfect for this template.

2 App New Fashion

This template design is compatible with the Bootstrap and built as Shopify 2.0 software. This web design template is perfect for fashion and designing websites. The layout of this website design template is responsive and works very effectively on all kinds of mobiles.

Many websites dealing with clothes, shoes, glasses, gifts, and personal accessories about fashion are using this template extensively. This trend will also continuous in the coming year 2020. This template is suitable for HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and other technologies.

3 Shoppee Template

It is a trendy eCommerce website design templates. This template is continuously getting popular with time. It is expected to remain one of the top trendy templates in 2020. It is a muse template perfectly fit for the eCommerce and retail websites.

It is a multipage template and allows you easier customization and faster installation. This template is mobile-ready and responsive for all platforms. Shopee web design template is paid software; you can download it for a reasonable price easily. This template is powered by GumRoad design and can be used as a multipurpose template.

4 Wunderkind Template

Wunderkind is another powerful and feature-rich web design template that has the full potential to become a top trend in 2020. It is a multiplatform web design template. It is fully responsive for mobile, tablets, and other mobile devices. It is compatible with Bootstrap 3.x and all major internet browsers. Wunderkind template supports HTML5, PHP, JS, and CSS technologies.

It is well documented and you can benefit from low developer cost in Ukraine to build your website professionally. It has many other features like beautiful menu styles, easy customization, media galleries, twitter feed slider, and much more.

5 Tersus Template

Tersus is getting traction very fast. It has become one of the fastest-growing web design templates. Owing to the great features and innovations, this template is going to become a top trend in 2020. It is a business portfolio parallax muse template, which uses the power of Adobe Muse on your website.

This supports high resolutions for tablets, mobiles, and desktops. Tersus template is mobile-ready, responsive and SEO friendly. It supports HTML5 technology too. There are 14 unique designs suitable for your business needs.

6 Rhythm Template

Rhythm is an HTML5 technology based template, which is available for single as well as the multi-page design of a website. It has multiple types of menus and more than 175 HTML files for catering to different styles.

The Drupal version is also available in the market. It supports high resolution and all major internet browsers. It is compatible with Bootstrap 3.x. The design template is a well documented, SEO friendly, and responsive for the mobile devices of multiple platforms.

This template is suitable for numerous kinds of business website such as fashion, personal, services, styles, finance, food, restaurants, and others.

7 Porto Template

Porto is a very popular HTML5 website template. It is a responsive, SEO friendly and fully supported web design template. This is available for multiple technologies such as Proto Admin, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and Magento.

This template supports high-resolution content and all major internet browsers. It is fully compatible with Bootstrap 4.x. It is suitable for websites dealing with numerous kinds of businesses.

Tips On Choosing The Right Business Website Templates

Choosing the right template for your business website is a bit tricky. You can get help from professionals for that purpose. The most useful tips on choosing the right business website templates are listed below.

  • Know your business and its requirements
  • Consider the current template trends
  • Shortlist a few templates
  • Choose the best quality over price
  • Focus on customization capabilities
  • Responsive and SEO friendly should be a top priority
  • Know about customer support quality

Final Takeaway

The website design is becoming a huge industry with a substantial growth rate globally. The demand for newer web design templates is increasing significantly. New trends in web design templates are emerging consistently. Top 7 web design templates that are expected to emerge as top trends are discussed with their features, creativities, and capabilities.

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