Top 5 Strategies That Digital Marketers Have Failed To Tame Till Now


In this fastest growing world of digital marketing. It will not come as a surprise to you if you find new trends catching up fast and winning the race against old school-proven methods. Most of the time, the users are behind turning them as trends and it becomes necessary for the digital marketers to get along with the pace.

A number of techniques and strategies may have failed in the past. But with changing trends and preferences, chances are there that they may work today. So, here I am with a few such strategies and tactics that are gaining popularity lately among the digital marketers.

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Mobile Marketing

For some time, there was a buzz around that the industries will turn to be completely a mobile marketplace but then, it is yet to happen. Throughout this time, the desktop has stood still and proved to be a strong contender when it comes to e-commerce. Slowly and steadily, it is going to come to an end.

Research carried out states that today majority of the searches are carried out on mobile devices. Understanding the changing scenario, Google came up with the mobile-first index. Now, this is very important move particularly for the businesses that are taking steps to optimize the mobile version of their websites.

For businesses, it is important for them to know how mobile searches work for e-commerce stores. Lately, it has been noted that the conversions through smartphones have been comparatively lower to the tablets. So it is the right time for the businesses to focus on the issue and come up with a good solution in 2017.

Facebook Auto-Bidding

This concept has hit the market lately and is in its early days. The Facebook auto-bidding feature allows the people to bid for the advertisement section on the Facebook where other millions are trying a hand.

For a long time, people were following the manual bid method where they bid for an amount. But lately, this new technique is taking speed and many businesses are trying to get the maximum out of it. If you are planning to make a bid, just be sure about your budget, your audience and how you are planning to deliver the ad.


Since its formation in 2008. Magento has grown up to become one of the renowned eCommerce platforms of the time and around 25% businesses are built on it. The ease to set and then maintain the online store on the platform can be the main reason behind businesses choosing it.

Throughout those bright years of Magento, Shopify managed to prove its presence on a low profile but lately in June 2016, things changed dramatically. Shopify climbed the ladder over-passing Magento. Satisfying the customer interest as well as offering, a better search query results are considered as the major reasons for its success.

Shopify has proved to be the best option for the businesses that even have an in-store for the customers as the POS of the platform can seamlessly manage both. Availability of a number of amazing apps and the ease to use the platform can also be the reasons behind its success.

SEO Based Content

When it comes to digital marketing, SEO holds a very important position. At times it has proved to be the most successful campaign for the business but then, they have badly failed too.

There was a time when SEO was all about unoriginal contents stuffed with keywords and spams. But, things have largely changed today. It has become the medium of introducing and spreading informative and exclusive contents to attract visitors.

Nowadays, a number of SEO campaigns include videos, images, infographics, etc. apart from the normal contents. So now businesses have to find new and creative ways to present content which can help it rank better on the search engines and connect with the customers – both at the same time.

YouTube Ads

Through the years, YouTube ads have changed largely. In the beginning, it was like the businesses were adding ads to the videos irrespective of its quality and sync. Things have changed and now YouTube focuses on the context of advertising.

For example, a business which is into baby products. Will only want to run the ad of their new range of baby products or a video which offers some baby care tips or are some parental care channels. Now, this is something that is right and making sense. This helps the viewers relate to the ads. The advertisers will feel that they are getting back for what they have spent. You can expect YouTube to change with time. So digital marketers will have a better chance to target the right customers.

Digital marketing is all about trying out new things. You have to apply a technique and wait to see the result. In short, it is something like trial and error and you have to figure out what works best for you. If you would like help you could HireSEOAgency to get some advice.

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