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article on a single page websiteSingle page website a new trend that boosts the user experience. Each year the trend of web designing undergoes major change. A trend in web designing that is popular among the designers is Single Page Website. As the name suggests, these websites have one page and one URL and the viewers have to scroll up and down or even sideways to navigate through the site. You need not click on various buttons to navigate through the site.

In the websites that have multiple pages the content is distributed in different internal pages. Whereas in the single page website the content is divided into different segments and you can view the same when you scroll down.

Advent Of This Trend

The main aim of single page website is to cater good user experience for the readers. Until a few years back, a single-page would have been termed as an unfinished one, but with time, there has been a shift in the trend and now you will notice various such sites over the net.

The reason behind this might be a change in the user behavior. Now, viewers spend more time on the net and they have little time for navigating through the different pages to get the desired information. Another change might be a shift in the trend of web designing in the last one decade.

Information At Fingerprints

The best part of these websites is that the information displayed is at the fingertips of the readers. These websites are predominantly used for product promotion, announcements and portfolio. The popularity of this genre of website is due to various reasons.

The space available for these sites is limited so you have to sort the content and showcase the vital information to the readers. However, limited space does not mean that you will clutter the space with content and graphics.

Use of white space is quite predominant in this form of websites. Designers have adopted various tricks in terms of typography, info graphics, bullets and images. Use of specific words in the content can make it easier to cater information.

All Information In One Place

An important reason of the popularity of this website is the love and preference of the users for simplicity while browsing the net. It is easy for the readers to scroll down the website to have a glimpse of the required information than scanning through multiple pages for the same. In one page, the information about the company, contact details, services catered by them all are mentioned and the viewers do not have to waste time to spot the information.

Storytelling Approach Is Adapted

Story telling is another new trend that has been adapted for interacting with the readers. Few professionals believe that these work better than the optimization of the site. However, there is some amount of confusion regarding the story telling concept as there is a misconception that the use of long text is story telling.

But in this approach audio and video are used for storytelling and this is much more effective in the single-page websites than multi page ones. Important components of this approach are the use of images, videos, audio, scrolling and typography. With this technique, you can attract the attention of the users.

Ease In Navigation

Be it a corporate website or portfolio, navigation is an important aspect that determines the user experience. Complex navigation often takes more time and also alienate the user. This is also considered to be a reason for the designers opting for a simplistic approach when they make a website.

The single page websites are easy to navigate as all you need to do is scroll the wheel of the mouse and you need not click on the links. You can also express your ideas through horizontal scrolling. But, for this the content needs to be narrow and long so that it fits the screen seamlessly.

Apt For Viewing On Mobile Devices

This type of websites is considered to be apt for the mobile devices and Smartphone. It is important for the websites to be responsive in nature and navigation with the help of scrolling is an integral part of responsive web designing.

Many of these websites also utilize parallax scrolling that gives a layered look to these sites, when you scroll down. You will notice that as you scroll down the page various images in the background move differently than that on the foreground. Thus, gives a stunning look to the website.

Emphasis On Content

In these websites, emphasis is more on the content of the site. The essence of this website is that you cater the information using appropriate vocabulary and expression, if you want to cater further information, then you can have a blog and link the same with the site.

Keeping the content concise also helps in optimization of the site with the search engine. Since these sites are smaller in nature and it helps you to save bandwidth and space, you can save a considerable amount of money on the designing and development process.

Simplicity In SEO

The search engines also look for relevant content with single page content, the relevancy of the key phrases and the keywords can also be improved. With the update in the recent algorithms of a major search engines, it is important for the keywords to be optimized with the search engines.

While optimizing the website with the search engine, treat each part of the content as different sections and then select a keyword from that part, select the headline and then optimize the same. Also look for the anchor links as the search engines also look for the same, but do not confuse the same with the anchor text.

Make Correct Choice

If you are thinking on the line whether to invest in these websites or convert the multiple pages to single-page website, then you need to assess the merit of both of these websites. To determine this, you take resort of the analytics tools so that you can get an insight of the using pattern of the readers.

This also helps you to tailor the content for your site. However, it is important to make the right choice as much of the success of your business depends on this.


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