Web Development Gets Improved With Newly Launched WordPress Plugins


While there are endless reasons to love WordPress, you can’t beat the one you get after installing WordPress plugins, especially with these newly launched WordPress plugins. The way a WordPress plugin transforms the functioning of the website is much appreciable in multiple aspects.

With so many WordPress themes and plugins out in the WordPress directory, it can be difficult to diagnose which ones are the champions. There are some newly-released plugins which are known to generate an impressive number of installs shortly after being released.

In this blog, we are going to take an overview of each of them. The quality-rich features and advanced performance make these plugins attractive amongst both WordPress developers and end users.

Some Latest Released Plugins By WordPress

Some of the best WordPress plugins for 2017

Google Map-WordPress Plugins

Google Maps WD is an extremely advanced plugin that allows adding extensive responsive Google Maps to the WordPress website. Acknowledged for being highly customized, unique and advanced, Google map plugin stands as a leader in the world of WordPress development.

The installation of the plugin is followed by some basic steps which you need to follow for getting started. The plugin supports different map styles like Traffic, Satellite, Hybrid Map, Road and Terrain styles. It also allows you to add polyline, circle, rectangle layers to highlight locations and provide more information.

There are also options to add unlimited markers to the maps. You can also add aroma by spicing them up with colorful skins, themes, icons and colorful overlays. This can easily be done with the custom create option on icon builder.

Featured with a clean and simple to use interface, Google Maps WD makes it easy to use for both Google map experts and novice users. The live preview feature of the plugin allows you to see the changes you make while creating maps and customizing them in a matter of few seconds.

This feature sets the plugin apart and allows you to see in real-time how your maps appear before going online. Being highly customizable, the theme allows you to create maps with preferred skins and styles. It is again designed with a clean and lightweight coding and functions extremely well with all WordPress themes.

Some of its advanced features include store locator functionality, pinpointing several locations, suggesting directions to marked locations and so on. So, if you are looking forward to creating out-of-sight Google maps with ease, you should try Google Map which saves much time.

Tabs Responsive

Designed on Bootstrap framework, Tabs responsive plugin by WordPress is quite responsive and user-friendly to any mobile device. The plugin features excellent feature that allows you to create unlimited responsive tabs with WYSIWYG editor.

By adding a “Tabs” section to the admin panel, it allows you to create tabbed content for your website in the easiest way. Additionally, there are options to add videos, music, image and spice them with some cool animation effects.

This one, again being a highly customizable plugin allows you to add coloring, style animations, descriptions as the way you like. The way tabs appear on mobile devices can also be configured easily. The drag and drop functionality makes it simple to use.

Social Share Buttons- Social Pug

A complete suite of social share solution for WordPress, Social pug allows you to share, monitor and maximize social traffic along with brand awareness. The plugin allows you to add social sharing buttons to your WordPress site. By harnessing the features of this plugin, you can easily get readers to your posts. The plugin opens up the world of social media to grow your profile, drive traffic and increase the number of shares.

With a striking number of installs, this plugin has gradually made its first appearance in the WordPress.org. Whenever a user scrolls up or down the page, these social sharing bars follow them, which, in turn, increases engagement whereas the share counts give a valuable insight about which of your posts get the most shares and engagement.

By integrating Google Analytics UTM, you can easily track where your traffic comes from. These share buttons can be placed anywhere on the blog or website. The free version of plugin is somewhat limited, however, you will get to explore its advanced functionality with the paid or premium version.

WIP Custom Login

Exhausted with boring login pages that look so much alike? So, its time to stand apart! The new WIP custom login offers a simple yet interesting way to modify the login page of your website, thereby giving it a unique look.

Upon installation of the plugin, you will get a great deal of customizing options that will allow you to create a visually appealing login page with a custom background color, image background, login form font, login box text color and width.

So Here Is It!

Standing out with a sparkling web presence means featuring websites that have super advanced functionality. The plugins mentioned above are an example of an exceptional quality well-groomed with advanced functionality. Using these plugins for your website will definitely multiply user engagement, brand awareness and allow you to build the lasting relationship with clients.

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