What Are The Must-Have Features Of eCommerce Website Design

The success of an eCommerce website doesn’t directly depend on the quality of its products, there are a lot of other factors at play and the website design is one of them. Only the design for your eCommerce website ultimately tempts potential customers to purchase your products. There is a special set of features that can make the site user-friendly for the customers and easily manageable for the owners.

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An eCommerce website design with following features is hardly to fail. So for staying a successful, relevant and competitive in the market, you must take note of these 12 features.

Easy Website Navigation

There’s so much information on e-commerce websites that is needed to be shown on a single page to let your customers know everything you have to offer. So website navigation is one of the most important factors of an eCommerce website design. Visitor must smoothly access your online store’s products/services and find their descriptions, then the chances of visitors turning into customers increase considerably. Hence, navigation should be intuitive,logical and simple.

A User-friendly Menu

Your website biggest goal should be to help shoppers get to what they want faster and without running into unnecessary confusions that can irritate them while they wish to purchase. So the most crucial aspect of a professional eCommerce website design should be a user-friendly menu. It should be simple enough to understand but creatively designed to make it more appealing. Also, put the menu in a prominent place and make sure the categories and products in each category are properly named.

Advanced Search Function And Filtering

These features are must-have for every eCommerce website design as they enable customers to find the products they are looking for quickly and with ease. Filters allow shoppers to narrow down product lists and focus on the products they’re actually interested in, skipping over the pages and products they don’t need.

Customized Call-To-Action

Call-to-action buttons are aimed to encourage customers to take an action you want them to do. Only with a strong and clear CTAs your eCommerce website can generate more business. Even if visitors have known your products/services before, they will be looking for an option to take an action you want them to do. So make the CTAs very clear so that your visitors will feel ease to do their job.

High-Quality Photos

Your eCommerce website design shouldn’t be focused only on your homepage. You should also use high-quality product images throughout your design at the product page or product catalog. So every eCommerce website need to display high-quality, large, and eye-catching photos optimized for page load. Moreover, make sure that your photos can be viewed from different angles with text directing the customer’s attention to a call-to-action. Remember, images sell, not text.

Product Catalog

Creating an information-rich product catalog is a major key to converting potential customers into loyal clients for eCommerce retailers. It is a great tool for giving detailed information about your brand product or service. Usually, how is organized your catalog significantly influences buying behavior. So place products in a way that is easily identifiable to your customer, for example organize them into groups of categories: Clothes, Shoes, Bags, and Accessories. Moreover, you can break these subcategories down further.

Product Page

Detailed, convincing, and entertaining product pages are necessary if you want your online store to thrive. The product page shows customers what the products look like and helps them understand if they want to purchase the items. Moreover, you can encourage customers to continue exploring your website and products by including a section for featured products, best-sellers, exclusive items, related products, or top savers. Also, the using of micro-animations on an eCommerce website design can increase the overall experience and highlight areas of a page where you’d like your customers to focus. Micro-interactions can provide useful visual feedback, display products more effectively, and make navigating more natural.


There are many advantages of providing reviews and testimonial options. It helps to build trust with your visitors as about 88% trust online testimonials as much as personal recommendations. Furthermore, customer reviews will add keywords to your online shop, which improves your site SEO.

Special Offers And Discount

Suggesting unique offers and discounts to the customers on your product page will benefit your eCommerce website. When online buyers see a special offer ad in an eCommerce website they tend to spend more time searching the site. Limited offers give customers the now-or-never drive to finish purchases while they’re already on your site instead of saving it for later. So the most eCommerce sites are using special offers in their standard marketing practices via email, social, text, etc.

A Well-Designed Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is the number one requirement for all eCommerce websites. This is where your end consumers store their products to continue with the checkout process. So it should be simple to use. Create an account option will allow your visitors to sign up with their own login and password whenever they visit the online store without entering their information again and again. Furthermore, you can collect their contact information, especially their email address, and use them for marketing.

An Easy-To-Use Checkout

Checkout is the process about which every e-merchant have to worry because this is the stage from where money comes towards you or away of you. Usually customers don’t want to browse through more than a couple of pages. So make your customers fill out only the information that is necessary to purchase, including mailing and billing address, credit card number, and shipping option. Anything else can cause frustration, and customers will either abandon your site or make their purchase but choose not to return.

Shipping Options And Details

The ability to order online and receive the product on time can help to drive sales and create return visitors. Furthermore, it’s crucial to allow your customers to select the type of delivery options for their orders. It’s also helpful to include delivery time and options for faster delivery. Since you are now selling to the global audience, not just to the local market, you should also take the shipping costs into account.

Secure Payment Options

Similar to shipping, the payment option is one of the most important features of an eCommerce website design. As all we know, an eCommerce website without safe and secure payment options is never going to succeed. So your customers should be given the possibility to select from a list of various payment gateways as different payment options are popular in various parts of the world. Find out how to secure your eCommerce website. Moreover, ensure your customers have a safe payment platform and they can leave the website immediately if they find any threats.

Final Thoughts

Launching a successful eCommerce website can’t be done overnight. You should not only select the right platform, but also provide your customers with the top eCommerce website design features to make the purchasing process as seamless as possible. In this article, we mentioned the 12 best eCommerce website design features every eCommerce website should have. But you can also add other features depending on your business’ scope and products.

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