Tips On Making Your Website More Creative And Conversion-Worthy


Having great content is one of the most important factors when it comes to increasing traffic and building a loyal audience when you make a website. Once you get them hungry for more, they will keep coming back to your website and spend more time there, which increases your chances of converting some, but not all of the visitors, into paying customers.

However, the content featured on your website also needs to be the right kind of great. That means not only does it have to provide valuable information for your audience, and a solution to one of their problems, but it has to be able to warrant repeated visits.

Otherwise, they are just going to get the information they were looking for and leave. Then, the random visitors are going to forget about you, and they will turn to other websites when they need similar solutions in future.

You can boost your conversion rate and develop loyalty towards your website by making it more interactive. People like to participate and feel like their input is being appreciated. This also applies to your social media presence, which also accounts for some of the conversion.

If you are interested in finding out how to improve your website’s interactivity and convert more readers into customers, check out the list below, which contains 14 best tips on the subject.

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how to boost conversion rate
You can boost your conversion rate and develop loyalty towards your website by making it more interactive

1. Post Consistently

Whether it’s by posting new articles and content directly on your website, or updating the blog section, you can provide a reason for your audience to keep coming back, but it only works if you are consistent when it comes to both quality and quantity. It’s simple. More high-quality content equals more readers spending more time on your website, and more shares across social media, which in turn drives even more traffic to your website.

Create a schedule based on your capacity. Are you able to produce daily, weekly, or monthly posts? Whatever your case is, make sure to stay true to your promises. When your returning readers come for more content on the scheduled date, they should always find what they’ve been looking for.

2. Add Your Own Personal Touch

One of the best things you can do for your website is to spice it up with a dash of your own personal flair, whether it’s through design of the website itself, visual elements within your posts, or by adopting a unique writing style and tone. Being genuine, personal, and original will help you separate yourself from your competitors.

There is also the added benefit of Google’s appreciation for unique and original content, which will improve your sites ranking and visibility.

3. Enable Readers To Leave Comments

If you provide your audience with the option of leaving comments after each new post, you will give them a chance to share their own personal opinion, which you can then use to improve your website. It’s free feedback from real people. It doesn’t get any better than that. Apart from interacting with you and your content, they can also spark interaction with each other, which is often the source of lively discussions and heated debates, all of which is taking on place your website.

When a hot debate takes place under one of your posts, the readers will keep coming back to see how the discussion developed after they left their comments. Then, they will check out the other pieces of content to see if they can give their opinions on trending topics.

social media buttons make it easy for visitors to share your content
Adding social media buttons to each page of your site makes it easy for visitors to share your content

4. Add Social Media Buttons For Easy Sharing

Another easy, but effective way of making your website more interactive would be to add social media buttons to it, so that readers can easily share what they have read with their friends and social media contacts, directly through your website.

You can also go the extra mile and allow them to log in with their Facebook or Twitter account, which will save them some time, and everybody appreciates that.

5. Polish Your Writing Skills

One of the reasons why people stick around on their favorite websites is because of the quality of the writing, and you can work on that by contacting Australian Writings, which gathers some of the best writers and editors online, capable of writing fresh and exciting new content, as well as editing and proofreading the one which is already on your website or blog. Also, you can receive professional feedback and instructions on how you can improve your literary skills.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep sharing top-quality content with no grammar and typing errors. Your reputation can easily go down if the visitors notice flaws. If, on the other hand, they see authoritative writing, they will be ready to take action.

6. Remove The Distractions

The visitors at your website will have a hard time interacting with it if they are being distracted by too much content, unnecessary buttons, banners and large menus. You need to minimize all secondary elements and keep their attention on the final goal.

Get rid of the large headers and sidebars, shrink the menu and feature only the most relevant content. Keep the visitor’s eye focused on the action you want him to take.

7. Allow for User-Generated Content

There are numerous benefits of letting users contribute content to your website. You can create a separate forum section, or invite them to submit guest posts to your blog. Also, there is the hidden benefit of SEO. How is that? Well, more content means more relevant keywords, which makes your website more likely to get noticed by search engines.

Spark discussions and invite all visitors to make contributions with their own opinions.

8. Send Out Newsletters

Another way of increasing your website’s interactivity is to create and send out newsletters to those readers which have subscribed to it. There are numerous pros to this approach. First of all, you demonstrate that you value their loyalty and the time it took them to subscribe and read through the content.

Second, it allows you to spread the word about your new product or service, or perhaps share some new information you have to offer to your audience. This will help you generate additional traffic.Here is another trick to attract more conversions: add special discounts into the newsletters, so your subscribers will know how much you appreciate them.

9. Customize Boring Pages

Nobody likes to read About Us, Contact, or Terms and Conditions pages, because they are boring and full of dry, hard data and not much else. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s your website and you get to make up the rules. So why not tell a little bit more about you, your team, and your company by presenting the audience with an eye-popping, quirky infographic which documents the company’s history.

Or perhaps staff members’ photos which are a little bit unorthodox. Show your audience there is a human element behind the website. If you show your brand’s uniqueness through these sections, the visitors will certainly appreciate it.

10. Provide Reliable Customer Support

If you are trying to sell a product or a service, you need to be able to provide the answers to all questions your customers may have, otherwise they are going to walk away unsatisfied, and you can’t expect them to come back.

The best way of doing this would be to set up live chat, so that your readers can receive instant answers. If your current infrastructure and capacity do not allow for this, at least set aside a few hours in a day for your customers to contact you, or have them submit a ticket.

give a way free stuff
Give away free eBooks, create surveys, give away free stuff, offer something you know your visitors will want.

11. Give Away Free eBooks

Another strategy which can add to the overall interactivity of your website and convert some of the readers is to offer a free eBook to those who subscribe to your page or newsletter. Offering useful content free of charge is pretty hard to beat, and your audience will definitely consider the amount of time they’ve spent on you website justified.

Creating an eBook sounds hard, but you can selected some of your best content that’s already on the website, expand on the material which already exists, and you’re all set.

12. Create Polls And Surveys

Polls and surveys are the most obviously interactive elements you can put on your website. The good thing about polls is that there are many free poll-creating apps out there. Use them to ask your readers about their opinion on a certain subject, or to receive feedback about their level of satisfaction with your service.

If you are looking to gather more details on a particular topic, or collect data which you can then use to create content that’s closer to your readers preferences, try posting a survey on your website or blog.

Just make sure it’s not too long. Not all Internet users like completing polls and surveys, so you can lure them by offering a discount code at the end. The discount code will add another element of appeal; the visitors will be ready to make that purchase.

13. Give Away Free Stuff

One foolproof way of getting people to flock to your website and increase its conversion rate would be to give away free stuff. You can give away just about anything, from physical products, to discount for your courses, eBooks, or access to premium sections of your blog or website.

Even though your ultimate goal is to sell your product and earn money, giving away something for free can have a positive impact on your business in the long run, so don’t shy away from trying out this method.

14. Offer Something Better Than The Competition

There is only one certain way to convince your visitors to turn into customers: prove you’re offering something of great value. What makes you better than the competition? Is it the price, quality, cost-effectiveness, support system, uniqueness, or another aspect that makes you different?

Scan the competition and distinguish the factors that make you better. Then, do your best to emphasize those advantages on the website and show how the visitors will benefit from the deal.

These are just some of the tips and techniques you can use to your advantage and take the interactivity of your website to the next level. You can also modify these methods to fit your business in order to achieve the best possible results and a high conversion rate.

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