How To Make / Create a Site: The Beginner’s A-Z Guide

Learning how to create a site is an essential process that not only allows you more control over your online presence but also saves you money in the short and long term. By learning how to make your own website you will be able to save money and update your site yourself.

Follow this beginner A-Z guide to create a site. It isn’t that difficult to do but it does take several days of study and with the right tools you can sometimes do it in a snap. For more on how to make a site visit our homepage.

Software For Website Building

There are lots of website software specifically designed in helping you to build your own website and some are loaded with all sorts of bells and whistles to the point of avarice. Software can be simple or gaudy and the learning curve can be steep if one doesn’t take the time to define all the terms needed to understand what’s required.

Here are some websites that can help you to create a site for free:

  • Wix
  • webs
  • createasite

Here are some softwares that can help you create a site:

  • CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor
  • Notepad++
  • PageBreeze

One of the best site builders is Easysite

If you are looking for a website builder that has everything then try Easysite. You get a free domain, hosting, Ecommerce software and site builder. Its an easy way to create your site. You can try create a website free for 30 days and see if its right for you.

What The Pros Do When They Create A Site?

Professionals go old school in this regard and many use simple text editors to create a site. This is because they know all the scripting languages, the codes necessary to make browsers interpret and display all the functions. One doesn’t have to know all the scripting languages like HTML, PHP, XHTML and the rest as most software does this for you but it’s a good thing to learn none the less.


Before you start to create a site, Learn How to Finish It.

Building a website calls for planning. Designing the look of the website itself and it’s functions. One should study the designs of others to fine tune what exactly one wants and needs and can be done.

Once one has a general idea the search for a good piece of software to facilitate this is in order. Check with webmaster forums and ask questions. They’ll be happy to show you around the website building software store.

Once you’ve gotten your hands on a few pieces of software you feel comfortable with, study them and practice, practice, practice.

Once you’ve gotten the gist of what the software can do, what a website should have, you should feel more comfortable in composing and executing your website build.

You’ll need a modicum of graphics that identify your brand. If your company or website name has stars in it then graphics containing stars should be used sparingly. Royalty free photos can be used also.

Get A Domain Name And Hosting Plan

Now, head on over to a domain name service and get yourself a domain name. This identifies your site and makes it possible for the web to find you. A domain name is not expensive and usually lasts a year and you can renew it annually or purchase several years in a row.

The next step is to get a host. A host stores your website’s data allowing others on the internet to find and view your site. Each host should have a series of goodies to allow you to easily manage your website, update it, and modify it.

Look around for those website hosts that have the highest recommendations as some are shady and less proficient. A good host doesn’t cost much, usually under $10 per month. There are free hosts but they often shoddy service. Beware.

Putting It All Together

Now you’ve got the tools and a home to create a site. Next is putting it all together like a Broadway musical. Use your website design software to create one or more pages. These pages should be interlinked to one another with menu options on each page leading to the other pages, especially the home page.

Text or graphics along the top, down the side or at the bottom work this way best. Your primary header should have your name in large type or graphics and should follow the color scheme of your site. For example if your site is about evergreen trees you might want some green buttons, trimming or some such to keep it appealing to the eye and not obtrusive to the surfer looking for your content.

The home page should clearly explain what the site is about and have some text explaining this. It should entice the surfer to click the other pages to get a full view of the site.

Building The Guts To Your Website

Arranging the text on the homepage and interior pages should be uniform. Columns work well here and short paragraphs. If you need photos and graphics, place them strategically so as to grab attention and impinge on the surfer’s memory.

This leads to easier recall of the surfer so that when they encounter another time your website’s content comes to play they’ll think of your site first. This is the fun part. Playing around with layouts and designs much like a child’s game. You can always change it later and nothing is written in stone.

Keep It Simple

Simple is the best way to layout a website especially the home page. Two examples of this are Google’s main page. Just their logo and search bar and a few text links, however it gets billions of hits per day. Other search engines toss so much data on their home pages it gets absurd.

News site The Drudge Report follows this as well. Just a white background, black text, a few images and text links and maybe two ads total. That site gets umpteen billions of hits well over all the other news sites combined.

Create a site that is simple and to the point.

On Your Own

It really depends on what you want your website or project to say. Look at the competition and see what they do successfully and acknowledge what works for you. It can take some time to experiment with but once you’ve gotten your feet wet you’ll be able to swim like an Olympian champion later.

Overall the steps are thus:

  • Study up on website design.
  • Get some website publishing software.
  • Get a domain name.
  • Get a hosting company to place your website.
  • Have a clear idea of what your website is to say and do.
  • Play around with other designs to fine tune your expression.


Good Luck

Following these guidelines should make life simple regarding to create a site. It needn’t be a major chore as even children and advanced seniors build them in a snap everyday. Just go in there and do some studying and if you run into trouble there are numerous people willing to help around the world.

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