Why, Where & How To Embed Video In WordPress


Learn how to embed video in WordPress in a few easy steps and let your videos tell a story your visitors will enjoy to watch. A blog will never serve its purpose without having a compelling content. Words are known to be where they are in terms of getting people onto your blog using organic search. The power of video has been demonstrated from time to time. It definitely makes lots of sense when you want to embed video into a WordPress post.

However, the process of insert video files into your WordPress blog posts can at times be a daunting task if you have never done it before or you have run into roadblocks when you previously tried it.

Ranging from the incompatibility issues to server problems there has never been a shortage of things to troubleshoot when it comes to embedding a video into a WordPress post. Thanks to the internet and updates, there are best ways to embed video to your WordPress blog.

Before we look at the best ways to embed Video to Your WordPress blog, let us first have a look at the benefits of embedding video into WordPress post.

how to embed video in your WordPress blog

1. Visitors Engagement

By adding a video to your WordPress site, the average engagement of the visitors went up together with the queries while the bounce rates dropped. Hence, a video is able to increase user engagement.

2. Increase The Level Of Trust

Videos are known to improve the level of trust on your visitors. Whenever you provide any service, videos are known to be mandatory. Videos are able to help you convert better when you are selling products.

3. Credibility

Try imagining having a blog without any video. Videos will definitely give you a huge boost and increase the level of credibility. In case you want to improve the credibility level of your project, try embedding a video.

How To Find The Best Place To Embed Video In Your WordPress Blog

Most people are known for embedding videos on their WordPress blogs just to make them have an attractive look! Very few people have an idea of where best to place their videos. The process of embedding videos on WordPress sites has been made easier though most people are known to place the videos at irrelevant positions and places. The best place to place your videos is after on procedural contents. They make the work of the reader much easier to understand the steps. Never embed a video alone. Have some contents before you can add a video. With that’s the reader will understand both the video and the content.

How To Embed Video Into A WordPress Post

1. Position The Cursor In The WordPress Editor

Position the cursor where you are interested to having the video appear whenever you are editing a WordPress page or post. You will have to decide whether you want the video to be positioned centrally on the page or not.

If you want the video placed at the center, click “center alignment” before adding the video. It is always advisable to ensure you get the right position before you can start since it will not be possible to edit or move the video around the WordPress page.

2. Click The Add Video Button In The WordPress Editor

Click on the “Add video” button in the edit box. The icon is usually placed on the second row of editing buttons. In case you do not have the second row of buttons, you can always the extension to display them.

3. Copy Your YouTube Video URL

Get the video URL of the video by going to the YouTube and copy-pasting its URL. It is much easier to grab the video URL from the top of the browser when the video is playing.

4. Paste The YouTube URL Into The File

Now paste the YouTube URL into the URL/ File field in the “Insert embedded media” box. It is possible to leave the file as flash. The video dimensions will automatically be set from the URL video that you had pasted.

It is also possible to edit them if you like in order to fit into your page. Ensure that you tick the Constrain proportions in order to ensure the height and widths are in the right proportion.

This is all you are required to do in order to insert video files into your WordPress blog posts. Now click on Insert in order to place the video in your post or page.

WordPress Embeds Are Your Friend

There are high chances that you will never be in need of using another embedding videos method than the built in WordPress embeds feature. It is not compulsory that you have to deal with the plugins, short codes or bits of code.

Instead, in order to be able to insert a video into your page or post, you will have to copy and paste the URL of the Video on its own line.

The video will be embedded straight right into the WordPress post where you had designated it to be placed immediately you have done this. However, this does not only work for the YouTube videos, it can also work with a whole host of multimedia sites and such as Photobucket, Spotify, Vimeo, FunnyorDie.com, WordPress.tv, SoundCloud, Hulu, Twitter and SmugMug


Using YouTube is considered the easiest method you can use to add a video when you create a WordPress website. YouTube will always take good care of hosting the video files and managing all the file formats. YouTube will always convert whatever format your video is in so that it can be viewed over the internet without major concerns.

If you would like to know more or need help to embed your WordPress video you can contact Kerin Miller. She is a WordPress developer at Stellen Infotech, a custom WordPress website development company. Kerin has 6 years of experience in the industry. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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