How To Design Your Own Company Website In A Few Easy Steps

design-your-own-company-websiteLearn how to design a company website for your business. Tell the world all about your company on the web. If you are in business, and want to know how to build a website for business, then read this web design article. Think about it! When you design your own website, your business will be open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, all year. This means people can find your business anytime, from any place in the world and contact you.

You don’t even have to know how to design a website

Thats right you don’t even have to know how to design a company website to create your own website. Todays website building software, any one can build a website for their company, no coding or design knowledge is needed.

In the old days you would have to learn how to design a company website by learning HTML (HTML stands for hypertext markup language) and CSS (CSS is also used to style different objects or elements of the page) before you could design a site.

Todays modern web site builders do all the coding for you when you design your own website. All you have to do is write good quality unique content about your company and plenty of it when you design a company website.

You always have to keep adding content to your site, so once you have the design done and added all the pages you require you could set up a blog on your site design and blog weekly. This way new fresh content will keep your site alive and well for the search engine spiders, and help your rankings.

What You Need To Design A Company Website

If you are going to design a website for your company you will need the below items.

  • A computer that has a internet connection
  • Tutorials on how to design a company website
  • A Credit Card or PayPal to make online payments
  • Some free time

Using Web Hosting

You don’t need a web designer to make a website for your company. Why pay $500 to $800 to set up your site when you could set it up and design your own website free. All you will pay for is a domain name and hosting.

What will it cost you to design your own website

Registering your domain will cost about $10 for the year.
Web hosting will cost you about $80 for the year.

We do have a special offer for our visitors where they can get a free domain and web hosting all in one package and save $30 on the normal hosting price. This means that you can design a company website for about $50 for the year. We also have easy to follow beginner tutorials on how to design a company website.


Using Web Site Builders

You can also use web site builders to design your own company website. They include web hosting and some site builders also include a free domain when you sign up. I have selected 6 of the best site builders for you to choose from they are all great. You can even try them free and see if you like them.

When You Create Your Own Web Site

Some thoughts for you to follow on how to design a company website

When you register your domain name it should be the same as your business or company name. From your domain name people should be able to know what the web site is about. Your domain name is your web site address.

Your email address should be the same as your domain name, for example our email address is [email protected] – Never use free Hotmail accounts this is not professional.

When you design a website start with the template or theme. Make sure the template or theme design goes with the look you want your company to portray. Make sure you have keyword rich content to grab the attention of your visitors, this will also be good for search engines. Remember content should be unique and well written for humans not search engines when you create your own website.

Keep the design clean, make sure you have social network buttons to your company’s profile, people will then join you on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google +.

Have a contact page with all your contact details displayed. When you design your navigation make sure to include a link to the contact page on each page of your site.

Think About SEO

Once you have all your pages that you need built start a blog and blog every week, your site needs fresh content, this is important for your on-page SEO. The more pages your site has the better, each page should be at least 600 words more is better.

Off-page SEO – You need to get fresh backlinks every month, to your site. 70% of backlinks should be to your home page 30% backlinks to other pages on your site..

Also include social share buttons on the bottom of each page this ways visitors can share your page and you get a free backlink on a social network like Facebook.

If you require any help on how to design a company website for your business or would like to know the best way to create a website please contact me.


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