Hire Your Own Web Designer

A new hiring model where you control everything and pay less than In-House Staff to hire your own web designer. Great news if you are creating a website. Digital Application Technologies may be a newcomer in the field of web and software development solutions, but it is a company with a vision. The company provides.

  1. Web Design
  2. Internet Marketing Services Such As SEO, SMM And PPC
  3. Web And Software Application Development
  4. Content Writing
  5. Website Hosting And Maintenance
  6. It Infrastructure Support

web designer

Hire your own web designer to do the following:

Yes. These services sound generic but at Digital Aptech, these are anything but generic. This company was founded with the plan to do things with a difference. The workforce consists of creative as well as enthusiastic professionals who relentlessly pursue their goal of perfection and are not satisfied until the client is.

From designers to developers to writers, everyone at this company go the extra mile to ensure that the clients’ needs are always met. They genuinely care about delivering an excellent result. You don’t even know how to create a website your web designer can create a website for you. Hire your own web designer today.

This 9001:2008 ISO certified and RAR+ recommended company offers you several engagement models to choose from such as:

  • Hiring On A Daily Basis
  • Hiring On A Weekly Basis
  • Hiring On A Monthly Basis

Hire Expert Professionals On A Daily Basis

It means, you can hire expert professionals on a daily basis or weekly basis or monthly basis, depending on your requirement. An engagement model like this is cost-effective as well as convenient. It prevents the costs of hiring someone in-house and full-time, which is, let’s face it, a pretty expensive thing in its own right. Hiring someone offshore eliminates that cost and provides not one but 10 benefits such as:

10 Benefits

  1. You are assured of a monthly production of 20 days, 160hours. No matter what.
  2. You get total Project Management control. That means, you manage your resource as you want. No interference from the company until you want so.
  3. You get handpicked, experienced professionals and the right skill sets you require to build and maintain your hard-earned reputation.
  4. You get full time Employees without having to pay for their holidays, perks, fringe benefits etc. You pay just a fixed monthly professional fee. Thus better cash flow management!
  5. You get state-of-the-art Infrastructure without having to pay for the overheads such as office rent, equipment cost, Internet, data securities etc.
  6. You only sign for a 3 months contract, so you get the opportunity you deserve to test whether the resources you’ve hired are worth your money. No long term commitment unless you are sure of quality and working chemistry.
  7. You work directly with your hired resources and talk/chat with them regularly, i.e., you are updated every day/every hour (if needed) and NOT long waits on project updates.
  8. Your team will follow your desired reporting structure, process and quality management procedures, so your current way of doing business stays the same.
  9. Nothing is charged for additional days or hours of work if it is more than the minimum monthly guarantee.
  10. The minimum monthly guarantee of work is 20 days or 160 hours (8 hours a day, 20 days of work. So, 8*20=160 hours). If, for some reason, they are not able to deliver this, they compensate that by working extra days or by adjusting your monthly payment with your next payment cycle.

Build A Remote Team

The best thing about this “Dedicated Resource Model” as they call it, is that you can build a remote team or hire your own web designer at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

As you can see, the advantages of this hiring model are quite nice. That’s why they have attracted several clients to Digital Application Technologies. Like all other businesses, Digital Aptech also wants to get more clients and gain a strong footing in the industry. For first-time sign-ups, they are offering a deal which is an even more cost-effective proposition.

Resource Available For Hire

  • PHP Developers
  • Layout/HTML Designers
  • SEO Professionals
  • Content Writers
  • IT Infrastructure Management Professionals

The Engagement Model/Pricing Model Options Are

Hourly basis: GBP 10 per hour
Daily basis: GBP 80 (Resource with 3+ years of experience)
Weekly basis: GBP 350 (Resource with 3+ years of experience)

There Are 3 Monthly Basis Models Such As

  • Resource with 2+ years of experience: GBP 800/Month
  • Resource with 3 to 4 years of experience: GBP 1000/Month
  • Resource with 5+ years of experience: GBP 1200/Month

They 0ffer Some Combo Packages As Well

ONE Full time dedicated (5 years exp.)
Designer + ONE Full time dedicated (5 years exp.) Developer = GBP 2200/Month

TWO Full time dedicated (5 years exp.)
Designer + TWO Full time dedicated (5 years exp.) Developer = GBP 4500/Month

ONE Full time dedicated (5 years exp.)
Designer + TWO Full time dedicated (5 years exp.) Developer = GBP 3100/Month

TWO Full time dedicated (5 years exp.)
Designer + ONE Full time dedicated (5 years exp.) Developer = GBP 3000/Month

If you are starting out and just about to learn how to create a website and need advice on backlinks, or need articles for your site or anything to do with web design contact Digital Aptech, visit their website.


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