What Does It Cost To Develop A Magento eCommerce Store


If you want to open an eCommerce store you need to ask a few questions. What does it cost to open an online store? Which is the best platform to build an eCommerce website? And how long will it take to build your own website?

Below we will talk about creating your online eCommerce store using Magento. This is a approximate budget to develop a Magento eCommerce Store and prices could vary.

What Is The Best Way To Create An Online Store

Which is the best platform to build an eCommerce website? That’s the principal thing that strikes your mind in the event that you are going to create an online store.

There is an extensive variety of eCommerce platforms accessible in today’s world. Care must be taken when deciding which eCommerce store platform you are going to use.

"Best eCommerce platform" is the one which empowers you to add tools to your eCommerce site. To engage your business, to develop, as well as to streamline forms that spares time, with the goal that you can concentrate on your center abilities, individual and expert.

Magento comes in first due to being the most adaptable platform, furthermore potentially the slightest costly decision. The self-hosted innovation gives it an advantage with regards to customizability. Magento is among the most famous eCommerce platforms on the planet.

Did you know: It is free, open-source, and company’s like Nike, Warby Parker, and Paul Smith among its customers.

what does it cost to create a magento eCommerce store
Magento is among the most famous eCommerce platforms on the planet

Why Do We Say Magento Is The Top eCommerce Store Platform To Use When Selling Online

As a profoundly scalable, intense platform with an enormous library of existing extensions, it is especially reasonable for new businesses and customary retailers hoping to make the jump online.

  • Free: Free is constantly great, whether its embraces or eCommerce platforms.
  • Scalable: The engineering is intended for adaptability with in-built support for most payment gateways. Little wonder that Magento is regularly called the "platform for development".
  • Open-Source: Magento is generally supported by individual and in addition corporate clients. This implies far reaching accessibility of a great many valuable expansions.
  • SEO: Magento is SEO prepared ideal out of the container. It makes web engine friendly, keyword rich URLs and incorporates extensions to create meta information consequently.

Here We Try To Explain The Costs Involved

It depends on your kind of business and how much your financial plan is and how long it takes to build. It also depends on how many items your store has. Each store will be different depending on the requirements. It is totally conceivable to make an effective Magento eCommerce store on a financial plan.

Here is an attempt to demystify the gossipy surrounding encompassing costing strategies of Magento development companies. This will give you an unmistakable idea of how much will it really cost to a make a magento eCommerce store.

The enterprise version requests you to spend $18,000 per year.

Engineer cost for Magento CE/hour = $15. So by considering 8 hrs of coding for each day the development cost for a day aggregates up to $15 * 8 = $120.

This count applies for Magento Enterprise version too however the main thing that differs is the estimated developer cost is $25.

Web Hosting:

Magento CE – $1000 – Magento Enterprise $1000

SSL Certificate Per Domain:

Magento CE – $300 – Magento Enterprise – $300

Dedicated IP Address Per Domain:

Magento CE – $60 – Magento Enterprise – $60

3rd Party Plugins:

The basic rule to remember is that, if a 3rd party extension for Magento CE costs you $100, it will be 2x when it comes to Magento Enterprise edition. – By: Small Business

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Magento Site?

The answer is that it totally depends on what you're attempting to achieve from your Magento website.

It can extend from a few dollars (in the event that you do everything yourself) to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Find out more about building your eCommerce Website from Magento development services they are waiting for you to contact them about your next web development project.


A great many people pick the Magento platform since it's open source, and there are a huge amount of features that are incorporated with the framework. Yet, more than that, the reason Magento remains the #1 eCommerce framework in the commercial center is on account of it's conceivable to develop the functionality and make a site that molds to your business.

There are a great deal of hosted solutions out there – I won't name them all – yet the disadvantage to those are that it's exceptionally hard to add different functionality to them.

In case you're to some technical, you can download the free version of Magento Community, install it on your Web server, swap in your logo, and begin adding items to a base, default installation of the Magento CE framework.

What's More, You're Finished

Add up to cost? Very little. What amount is your time worth? You could likewise hire somebody to do this for you.

Goodness… in any case, you require/need a custom design? You'll require somebody who sees how to outline a responsive Website, and knows how to plan for eCommerce achievement. Indeed, you can discover a college student or a freelancer.

On the other hand you could hire a Magento developers company that has a lot of experience. The value range will be significantly different.

Working out a new design for Magento is significantly more complex than building out a WordPress theme or plugin. The design records are significantly more unpredictable.

Be that as it may, now, you require an approach to handle stock synchronization, or a Web-to-Print framework for your web page. You're worried about site speed. You require following numbers consequently included and conveyed to clients.

A live chat system would also be needed. You require proficient product photographs for your site, utilizing spectacular models. You'd like your clients to have a superior menu choice.

These Bits Of Customization Can Include

Instead, Approach The Process Of A Site Build With:

  • What amount am I willing to spend for completion of the site?
  • How technical am I? Could I install extensions, do item photography, or write convincing content?
  • What is my financial budget for building the site? Is it $500, or $50,000?
  • What are my business objectives for the site?
  • How am I going to attract the site visitors and bring traffic to the site?

And Then, Based On That, Try To Determine:

  • Would you like to work with a college student or a freelancer, who will learn on your time? They are less costly, yet frequently won't have a gigantic measure of eCommerce experience.
  • Would you like to outsource the project overseas? The cost will be significantly less, however correspondence might test, and quality could be problematic.
  • Would you like to work with a Web advancement company? They regularly have a great deal of experience (including designers, project managers, front and back end developers), however will be substantially more costly.
  • Would you like to hire a web developer in-house, and have them build the website for you? That could be a decent alternative, however they may just be capable at a part of the procedure (i.e. front end design).


It is constantly difficult to reply with no further points of interest. There are such a variety of elements, that may change the cost. Ordinarily without deep analysis it is simply guessing. Be that as it may, I trust the given tips will help you. Find out more or hire a Magento developer and get a free quote on your Magento website.

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