Key Tips On Turning Your Old Website Into A Conversion Driven Website


Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the major performance criteria for marketers. The competition on the web is growing rapidly with every passing day. In case you don’t know what Conversion Rate Optimization is, it’s the process of converting your visitors into customers.

Put simply, it means making your website more efficient when making a sale. The majority of marketers are now obsessed with the idea of Conversion Rate Optimization. It is, however, easier said than done and is known to be quite challenging.

That said, here are some tips for you to boost your conversion rate and make your website a powerhouse for success. Let’s get started.

1. Create A Mobile Friendly/Responsive Design Website

Mobile phones and portable devices are easy to use and are popular among all age groups. The portability of these devices has lessened the need for desktop computers in our lives. This trend has created a new challenge for marketers.

You truly need to make your website available for mobile platforms. When making your website mobile device friendly, there’s some things to remember:

  • Design your website so it’s easy to navigate when converted to a small screen. Keep in mind that mobile phone users use their thumbs to navigate so the navigation points need to be large, ease to see and easy to press.
  • Design content that’s straight to the point and easy to read. Reading over long text on a small screen is time consuming for many people. They don’t want to be squinting at their screen trying to take in paragraph after paragraph. Keep the tone of your content to the point so when it’s converted it’s an easy read.
  • Use larger fonts for headings and titles to help improve the readability of content and navigation points for mobile users.
  • Don’t over clutter your responsive design. You don’t need to fit everything on it. Just the necessary key parts that help to drive conversions up.
  • Constantly A/B test your website to help improve your design for a friendlier user experience

Overall, it’s important to update your website to be responsive and mobile compatible-with this update, all mobile and portable device users will be an easy target to convert.

2. Page Load Time

Website speed is important when it comes to conversions. If a website takes long to load there’s a great chance your visitors will abandon the website. As reported by Amazon, a one-second delay in page load speeds costs about 1.6 billion dollars in sales income.

Research says that 50% of website audiences want mobile sites to load in 2 seconds or less. Because of this it’s important to help reduce the page load time.

You can do this by:

  • Optimizing images to help reduce bandwidth usages. Instead of uploading a huge image that your internal programs will scale down, choose smaller images that still show up as the same size where you need them to, but so they load a lot faster.
  • Enable browser caching to help you improve load times. Browser caching helps to store data on a visitor’s computer so when searching the page, it doesn’t have to load anew each time. Instead there’s a copy of the page that comes up straight away. Generally, login pages use browser caching to help visitors log in faster as it remembers the information.
  • If you have JavaScript files on your page, place them below the fold and allow your content to load first. This will give your page ample time to load before loading the script. This is one of the main reasons some websites take forever to load.
  • Remove any unwanted visual animations and elements which may be slowing down the load time. Animations especially can slow everything down. If you don’t need it to be there, don’t add it to your website.

Minimize redirects to help speed things up. When a page has to redirect to another page the load time take longer. Try to aim for a straight link to a set page.

Load times are key to successful conversion, try to keep your load time fast so you can boost your conversion rate.

3. Use Content To Your Advantage

Content is powerful and can help to drive more conversions from your website. When used correctly you can see a big difference in your overall end profit. When creating and positioning content for your website, here’s some things to think of.

  • Make sure all content is 100% unique and not duplicated from other websites. People like to know that they’re going to get new information when they come to you. Unique content also helps with improving your website ranking as duplicate content can actual lower you website’s authority on Google. Use to help determine if you have duplicate content.
  • Make sure the content is free from grammar and spelling mistakes. Mistakes throughout your content makes you appear unprofessional which in turn will lead more people away from your website.
  • Write product descriptions that showcase the benefits of a product. For example: ‘This baby stroller has a hand brake and shade sail’ doesn’t give as much information or benefits as ‘This baby stroller features a hand brake for better control when stopped. It also provides ample sun protection for your little one with its UV protected shade sail’. As you can see the second version provides more into why these two items are beneficial for the stroller which can lead to more people wanting to buy it.
  • Showcase product reviews on the product page. Many people rely on product reviews to help them make a decision. It’s important that you try to incorporate product reviews on the product pages as this will help your visitor make their decision without moving off your page. If they leave your website, they may not return.
  • Showcase testimonials on your website to help show that your business is a reputablebusiness. These are best positioned somewhere on the homepage.

Content is key to conversion and by putting the effort into it you can easily make it work in your favor.

4. Revise Your Website And Retarget Your Audience

If the average conversion rate for your site is exceptionally low and your bounce rate is high, it indicates there’s a problem with your website. Before you start retargeting your consumers you need to first work out what is wrong with your website. Heat mapping is one type of program that may help. With the use of heat mapping you can determine:

  • Whether you have distractions in your sales funnel that are making people abandon their sale.
  • Where people may be searching and clicking on your website.
  • Where they lose interest on your website.
  • Gives indications of where problem areas are that may be invisible to the eye.
  • Helps you to see what should be made clickable and what shouldn’t.
  • Where to place your call to actions.
  • How your navigation points are working and whether they need upgrading.

Remember when making any changes, try to A/B test to see if the results have helped to improve your conversions and whether they are popular to your visitors. A/B test one change at a time for the best result. Once your new changes have been done you can then work on retargeting.

These Tips Will Help You Build Your Campaign Properly

Retargeting will help to make visitors visit your site, even those who have already visited and left the site in the past. It is like a second chance to correspond with your visitors who left the site before.

These tips will help you build your campaign properly:

  • Categorize your visitors according to their behavior and response.
  • Don’t stick to only one retargeting channel only-explore new possible ways (i.e. social media).
  • Cross-sell and upsell through retargeting.

Check out U-Thrive Marketing for more reliable and effective tips. Never forget that there is always room for improvement! Don’t get relaxed when you start seeing results; keep working to stay ahead of the competitors in the market.

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