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Build your own website with Drupal the functional and most awarded CMS of the present day. Drupal offers incalculable opportunities to create enterprise based websites, social networking forums and many other discussion boards. Owing to its incredible functionality, Drupal tops the chart with its own strengths, that’s why you should build your own website with Drupal. The biggest advantages of Drupal are the great flexibility and variety of extensions.

Drupal Wins The Race Defeating Technical And Design Challenges When Creating Websites

Suited for all kinds of small corporate sites, to large and complex web applications. Drupal counts for a better choice in terms of scalability, performance and customer-orientation. While viewing Drupal from a technical point of view, some people may find it more suitable than WordPress.

Drupal is the only CMS which has got a lot of prominence’s not only amongst the users but also a wide community of developers. There are features like improved coding structure, customized functionality, pre-built themes and simple learning curve that makes Drupal a performance-oriented and reliable CMS to build your own website with.

Apart from the basic ones, there are many other advanced features that make Drupal a preferable choice to build your own website with.

Build your own website with Drupal the functional and most awarded CMS of the present day

Pre-Defined Themes And Templates

Availability of a large number of clean, updated and responsive Drupal themes allow developers to build fast loading and user-engaging websites. Drupal comes with a new theme implementation technology which aims at separating the logic framework of the site from the design element.

Theme components work with Drupal core systems to create a distinctive look and feel. There are several theme engines that can be used with Drupal like PHPTemplate, XTemplate, Plain PHP and Smarty Engine. Integrating a Drupal website with theme engine is a simple to do the task.

Passionate And Active Community

Drupal has a large community of users who are passionate and active about the CMS. Until now, more than 6,50,000 user accounts have been found to be registered on and 2000+ people are seen registering for the account of developers. Additionally, you can find hundreds of community-based modules that help make Drupal a better experience.

There are many open forums Drupal has to offer any kind of technical support to users.

Multiple User Management

Drupal is well-known for its community as well as for being easily optimized. Drupal was originally designed for community-based websites owing to which it has a powerful role and access control functionality for user accounts. There are multiple user roles and access levels that can be created and customized for ‘anonymous visitors’, ‘editor’, ‘webmaster’, ‘admin’ and ‘moderator’.

Integration With Google Analytics

Drupal’s Google Analytics module allows developers to dynamically show and hide analytics code based on several factors.

Drupal Is Search Engine Optimized

Unlike other CMS’s, Drupal offers a full control over the URL structure. Every single item of content created on a Drupal site can be given a custom URL called URL alias. You can even set it to create search engine friendly URL’s based on the type of content, title, keyword, date, time and any other information related to the node.

In WordPress, users are just limited to a single permanent link URL for all posts. They can easily be overridden but are less specific than Drupal’s URL aliases. Joomla now offers built-in search engine friendly functionality but lacks control over the URL’s parameters.


Drupal 8 has powerful multilingual features with a built-in interface that can translate anything in the system.


The powerful taxonomy of Drupal site offers categorization, organization and tagging of complex website content. Even non-technical users can deploy websites quickly. With Drupal’s powerful and built-in categorization system, you can easily organize and tag content with keyword-rich terms. For instance, free tagging can be used for contents like blogs or products.

Similarly, hierarchical categories with single or multiple parent categories can also be created.


Drupal 8’s out-of- the-box mobile friendly features create a buzz. While migrating to Drupal 8, site owners solve the need for an extremely responsive website. In order to support a wide array of internet-enabled devices, Drupal 8 has incorporated responsive design into everything.

Drupal 8 offers responsive tablets, responsive themes and a mobile-friendly toolbar to allow users easily access various parts of the site.

Custom Content Types And Views

A content construction kit (CCK) is available with Drupal to create advanced custom views and content types without writing any code. Blog posts, forum posts, tutorials, classified ads are some of the ones which can be created in many different ways.

Content management systems like WordPress would still require the use of code to accomplish the task but there is no programming knowledge required to do the same task in Drupal.


Using Drupal as a Content management system (CMS) depends entirely on the requirements of a business. Drupal CMS really stands out as an advanced open source platform. It is highly preferred amongst a large number of developers for creating robust platforms.

Drupal as a competent framework allows businesses to create websites without any sort of hassle. Visit PSD to Drupal service providing company to find out more on the latest Drupal technologies.

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