6 Secrets To SEO Your Competitors Want To Keep

seoWhen you do any type of online marketing, then odds are that you are well aware of SEO (search engine optimization). Utilizing SEO helps you to improve your search ranking on Google, making it easier for potential customers to find your website. However, many companies do not know how to use SEO successfully. Those company’s simply stuff random keywords into filler content, hoping that will do the trick when they create a website.

May be you are one of those uninformed business owners, you are definitely doing your competitors a favor. You see, if you aren’t doing SEO the right way (or, gasp, if you’re not doing it at all!!), you are definitely behind. You are only helping your competitors out.

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Odds are, most of your competitors have already jumped on the SEO-bandwagon. Understanding how important SEO is when creating a website, and that a proper SEO strategy can make the difference between success and failure. Your competitors know that they need to have success online if they want to be able to best compete.

And they understand that full online success comes only with a well thought out and properly implemented SEO strategy. And they don’t want you to understand these same things that they do.

To help you better compete online, here are 6 SEO tips that your competitors really don’t want you to figure out if you are making a website yourself:

1. You Must Use The RIGHT Keywords

Many companies, or people that are building their own website do not put the effort into researching their keywords as they should. They do not know how to rank websites on Google Search. They use a keyword that relates to their business or product but that is basic and vague.

Vague keywords may attract plenty of visitors to your site – but odds are they won’t be part of the demographic that you are targeting. This leads to your site getting more hits, but not more customers.

Research what keywords potential customers from your target audience would be using to search for related products and services by talking to employees and clients. Then use keyword research tools such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to figure out how often keywords are searched for in local areas as well as how competitive the keyword is.

Speaking of keywords, you also need to be careful with your usage of those keywords. Many people that are learning how to create a website assume that the more a keyword is used, the better their chances are of improving their search rankings.

This is not true. You may over optimize your keyword . Ways to use keywords correctly include using it in your page’s HTML title tag, adding it to your h1 and h2 headings as well as early in your copy and adding keyword-rich links. Here are some more helpful tips on SEO.

2. Your Content Is As Important As Your Keywords

Producing a lot of content so that you can litter it with keywords could possibly help your SEO efforts in the short term, but it won’t help you with increasing your customer base. When successful SEO keywords are able to do their job, you’ll attract more and more visitors to your site.

However, if the content that you provide isn’t informative or helpful, the visitors will simply leave your site and never return. By providing good content, you’ll attract the interest of visitors and have them checking back periodically for more content.

Have you ever heard of the saying content is king, well that’s true. Remember that when you make your own website. Visitors that like your content they may even share it, which results in even more visitors to your site – and more importantly, more potential customers.

You will also want to avoid using duplicate content. Such as content from news feeds or article libraries. Google actually ignores pages that have the same title and content as other sites, which means that you can actually hurt your SEO by doing so. Improve your thin content and you will rank higher in Google Search Results.

Stick with publishing content that is unique to your site in order to improve your search engine rankings instead of paying for syndicated content.

3. You Must Keep Your Site Friendly For Search Engines

Search engines tend to index text and follow links. However, they usually can’t index content that is non text; for example, flash animation. This means that you should keep your site relatively simple. Overloading it with Flash content can make it more difficult for search engines to index your pages, which will actually hurt your SEO.

Also it may slow the page loading time down. Visitors won’t wait for pages to load. They just move on to the next site. Remember this when you create your own website. If you are building a website using WordPress you should read our article – WordPress SEO thats Google Friendly.

4. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly!

An increasing number of Internet users are browsing online using their mobile devices instead of their home computers. Be careful if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you are missing out on a whole lot of potential customers.

Mobile website design matters when you build a website. Users will leave your site as soon as they realize that browsing it on their phones is next to impossible.

Think about all the potential customers who are searching for similar products and services nearby your area that would find you if only they could use your site on their smart phones.

Make sure you create a mobile friendly site, that’s responsive and looks great on any device its viewed on.

5. You Have To Analyze Your SEO!

Part of your SEO strategy should involve tracking its results. There are a number of analytic’s tools available, such as Google Analytics. That allows you to track how successful your keywords are at creating hits on your site, and how many hits turn into customers. This will help you figure out where your SEO strategy is working and where it isn’t, allowing you to adjust accordingly.

6. Hiring A Professional Might Make All The Difference

Your competitors want you to think that they do all of their SEO on their own. And some of them might. But if you don’t have the expertise, or the resources, to be able to perform your SEO in house, your competitors want you to think that all hope is lost.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Want to know the truth? The majority of your competitors are accessing the help of an external SEO company to help them succeed online. This leaves their time and resources open to finding other ways to push their business along (and get ahead of you).

So, if you don’t have the experience or time to be able to fully create and implement a proper SEO strategy, do yourself a favor and hire an SEO company to help you achieve the online results that your competitors are praying you are not able to find when you make a website.

Utilizing SEO is an important way to improve your search ranking and to attract potential customers to your website. However, if you don’t have a proper SEO strategy, you’ll be wasting time and resources. These are some of the little known tips that companies with successful SEO strategies use and that you should be sure to keep in mind as well.

After all what good is creating a website if nobody can find it.


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