5 eCommerce Tips To Rock This Holiday Season 2017


Holiday season is a golden opportunity for the eCommerce store owners to earn maximum in the shortest span of time. There are proven stats that in the holiday season, the online eCommerce stores have earned more than the whole year. Though the chances for earning on Black Friday, Cyber Monday has been already over, the main festival .i.e. Christmas is yet to come. You still rock the sales growth of your online store. In the blog mentioned below, you will find 5 best tips that will help you to still have your sales growth, in this holiday season. Read on the entire blog and find the most helpful tips for the eCommerce store sales growth.

Cross-Sells Will Help

Is your eCommerce store containing those attractive sandals at the checkout page? If you do not, optimize it today and put all the attractive products at the checkout page. Even if we think this strategy for the offline store, it seems to be a successful story. You might have noticed at the grocery stores that near the billing section, they have kept all the toffees and chocolates. This strategy helps the store owners to increase the selling of the chocolates and therefore experience higher sales growth for the store. Similarly, this tactic can be used on the eCommerce store as well. You can add these kind of cross-sell items to the shopping cart page. Your hired eCommerce development services can help you out better in this. This can let your customers to get various opportunities and submit the impulses and let you spend more money on the store resulting into higher sales growth for your store.

Optimizations Are Necessary

When there is any festival, it is necessary for you to make optimizations on your eCommerce store based on the occasion. Not only on the website, making optimized mobile application is also necessary. As we know, providing great mobile user experience is an equally important task for the retail store owners due to the increased use of mobile usage in the world of eCommerce store. This generation is found constantly on phones, and the same goes on during the holidays. Therefore, mobile application optimization is necessary for a seamless user experience. You must focus on the usability and design of your eCommerce store. From content blocks to information and design of your eCommerce store, you should take care of everything on desktop as well as on the mobile device.

Offer Higher Discounts & Free Shipping

One of the more obvious tactics for converting is to offer discounts and offer free shipping to the customers. With the strong competition of the eCommerce industry, you might find most of the merchants offering free shipping option. Though it wouldn’t be a surprising part for your customers, but the free shipping can make your customers attracted to shop more from your eCommerce store. Christmas is a time for gifting, your eCommerce store should provide the service to wrap the product, if they want to gift it to their near ones. You should offer all the kinds of shipping options that you can, to your customers, in order to make it easier for the customers to select the appropriate delivery option for them and get the product easier.

Make It Social

Social Media is something that has got its usage spread like wildfire, these days. Everything placed on social media simply gains highest possible popularity. Every social media platform, be it Facebook or Snapchat, has a very huge number of active users and these users spend maximum time using these social media platforms. Hence, when providing some offers on your eCommerce store on the Christmas, you also should advertise it on the social media platforms. Take the most advantage of social media during the holiday season. The chances of referral selling increases with the social media platforms. Also, the holiday season is a perfect time to launch new social media campaigns to boost sales and increase customer engagement. Hence, making the eCommerce store social can help you have great sales growth for your eCommerce store.

Inspire Confidence And Security

While shopping online, most of the customers are concerned about the security of their personal information. Creating confidence among the customers about the security of their information can let you have higher sales growth. There are various trust factors which you can include in order to inspire confidence among your customers. You can use trust factors like certifications, awards, customer reviews, verification from reporting agencies and a lot more. Also, when going social, you can assure the confidence using comments, interactions and likes. There is already a strict competition for eCommerce websites out there. So security of the customers’ information is a necessity for every eCommerce store.

Follow these tips for the successful eCommerce store this holiday season and rock the sales growth of your online store.

About Harshal Shah

The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies: Magento Development Company & global IT consulting firm. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.

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