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When you’ve long been studying Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’d know that one of the most effective techniques in generating a stronger following is through backlinks. In online and digital marketing, this still stands as one of the fail-proof ways for anyone to have a more robust online presence. By this, it means that traffic also comes in your site more. More traffic equates to higher revenue possibilities too.

But, this isn’t to say that generating backlinks doesn’t come at a price. While digital marketing is generally cheaper than more traditional forms of marketing, you’ll still have to spend on marketing. If you’re a small business, then you’d want to utilize other forms for you to save. That said, you’re in the right place since this article will talk about how to get over 300 free backlinks.

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free backlinksFree Backlinks. There are free and paid sites on the net that are called free link submission. These sites contain really huge lists of various sites categorized based on their free link submission. These are also the directories which the search engine foot crawlers use to find the most relevant websites for your link submission software.

As you may know by now, these crawlers utilized by search engines for them to skim through various sites to rank after an Internet user makes a search.

So search engine submission is done to enable a really cool search engine like Google to find you. These free website submissions are usually done by the website owner. That is these are manual url submissions.

In this regard, there are various ways in which you can submit your website link in a directory to be searched by the search engines.

You can opt for free link submission, reciprocal link submission, paid submission, sponsored listing, bidding or affiliate links, free backlinks or buy high quality backlinks.

Submit your URL only once on the free backlinks submitter, if you have more than one website then submit that URL as well but only once. Only submit your home page to the free backlinks submitter.

Here are some of the ways for you to generate these free back:

Build Your Own Inbound Links In A Few Minutes

Do not submit your links more as the directory webmasters will delete it or the search engines will spank you for being misleading and annoying. After using the free backlinks submitter, try to submit these to your website to at least 2-4 relevant directories every month. In doing so, you can use Google Search to find more free backlinks or ad your URL to other websites.

Take the time and build your own free backlinks in a few minutes.

Write Guest Posts

With a few clicks, take the time to write guest posts for the right websites. Generally, write for those sites that are considered to be an authority in the niche that you belong to. When you write guest posts on these sites, you’re increasing the chances of these website owners linking back to you.

With the right strategy, your website will certainly stand out from the competition. For instance, you may start to build your own private blog network. From there, work your way through writing more guest posts for other blogs.

Off-Page SEO Is A Must Do

Building backlinks is time consuming but has to be done. Off-page SEO is a must do, and if you get someone to do it will they do it right? I do all my own link building that way I know its done correctly.

Build a few good quality free backlinks a month and you will soon see the difference. Backlink your home page but also other pages on your site.

Build Some Backlinks For Free With A Link Building Tool

When you’re first building your website, you’ll also learn how to use technology’s gift. This
means using the right tools to help your website rank better. For this purpose, it works to your
advantage to use a link building to. I use a link building tool that provides me with thousands of links with the same niche as my site. It can also spy on the top sites for that niche and show you their backlinks. You could even buy some backlinks.

Another site I recommend that you have a look at is Outreachmama they have an article on 51 best link building tools and software in 2017 and is well worth looking at.

So what this means is that sites that are in the top position page 1 of Google you can also use their backlinks by making comments on the same sites as them and if those backlinks get them to the top of search engines then they will also start to move your site up to the top.

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