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We can create your website and get you online. If you have a business then you probably don’t have the time to learn how to create a website or maybe don’t even want to create a website.

  • Are you looking for a web designer that you could give all the information to and let the designer create your website in a few days?
  • A designer that would find you the best theme for the category of the website that you want built. Or design a custom WordPress theme.
  • A web designer that would make your website and add all your content in.
create your own website

Our web developer busy creating another website for one of our customers

Why Choose Us To Make A Website

When you choose us to create your website you will have piece of mind. You can continue running your business while we get on and build your website.

Once we create your website you will be able to update your new site with out having to learn any coding or web design knowledge. We are going to build your new website with WordPress.

How Does It Work If We Create Your Website

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Get In Contact With Our Designers
Make Contact
If you are in need of a website we can help. The first step in creating your new website is to get in contact with our design team. You can contact our design team and let them know what type of website you would like built on this email – info[@]2createawebsites.com
Think Of A Name
You need a name for your new website we are going to create. The name you choose should include your main keyword and be what people will use to search your site on Google. This is what we will also use as your domain name.
Website Content Management System
You also need a way to create your own website, some type of website building software. One of the best ways is to learn how to create a website using WordPress. WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. It’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system in existence today.
What Type Of Website You Would Like Us To Build
What type of website would you like us to create? Below are some different types of websites that we could make for you, most websites will fall into one of the below categories:
You could have us create you a personal website. This could be for a few reasons. Creating a personal website could be used to post pictures of family, tell stories of family events and more. Family members all over the World could visit the website, and add new content. When you make a personal website its a way that family’s could keep in touch, get the latest news, see the latest family pictures when they live thousands of miles apart.
Building a personal website could be a good idea if you are job hunting. Think about it a website gives you creative freedom, you can express your personality in ways that are not be possible through your resume. Your website could do the talking for you when you can’t. Having your own personal website would give you the advantage and possible get you that job. It would give recruiters a better chance to decide if you were what they were looking for and bring you in for an interview.
Contact us to create your personal website
What better way to get lots of new business for your business than with your own business website. Owning your own business website is a great way to advertise your business on the web. You can show potential customers exactly what your business is all about with pictures and write ups.
You could even sell stuff directly from your site. Payments could be made online, once a payment is completed the goods could be shipped. Your business website never sleeps and is available 24/7 all year.
You could get business from any country in the World. People can contact you anytime of the day or night. You can change, update your business website in minutes.
Contact us to create your business website
You can create a social website like Facebook, Linkedin, and let’s not forget Twitter just to mention a few. You can build an online community and let people that share the same interest join and interact with each other. One word of warning its not easy to create a social website like Facebook.
Many have tried and failed. But building a small social networking website with a great niche could do well. If you are knowledgeable on a certain topic creating a social website on that topic might be a good idea. Other people just like you could sign up and post their articles and who knows it could work out great.
Contact us to create your social website
Create an eCommerce website like Amazon and sell all sorts of stuff online. Lots of people just like you look for bargains on the web. Then sell the items they have bought for a profit on their own eCommerce website.
Its a lot cheaper to create your eCommerce website than a brick and mortar store. With the website builders of today anyone can add stock to their store website so no need to pay a web designer once its all set up. All you will pay for is hosting. This means that for a few dollars a month you could have your own store website.
Contact us to create your eCommerce website
What Will It Cost To Make My Website
Option 1
Set Up A WordPress Website +- $75.00
You will use our web hosting affiliate link to sign up to the hosting we use and recommend and get 20% off one years hosting. We have organized you a free domain name as well, or you can add a domain you already own. After the sign up process you will receive an email from the hosting company.
Next you forward that email to us and we will set your website up for free using WordPress with the standard WordPress theme. Why free you ask? Because the hosting company we use and recommend that you use pay us for any new hosting accounts we sign up.
The payment we receive is paid by the hosting company and not you. We will hand over your new website and you will be able to start adding content.
Summary: Sign up to the hosting company we recommend and get a free domain, one years hosting and your WordPress website set-up for +- $75.00
Option 2
Set Up A WordPress Website (Same As Option 1) +- $75.00
Plus Create A Five Page Website With Your Content $250.00
Option 2 is the same as option 1 we will set up your site. Once you pay an additional $250.00 cost we can create a five page website and add the content on your new website for you. You will have to supply all the content (text, images, etc) to our web design team.
Summary: Sign up to the hosting company we recommend and get a free domain, one years hosting and your WordPress website set-up for +- $75.00. Pay us another $250.00 and we will build your five page website with the content you send us.

If you have any other requirements or would like to take advantage of the above offers and let us create your website for you please shoot us an email and let us know.
Email info[@]2createawebsites.com

Web Design

If you are in the market for a new website why not let us build it. We can create a beautiful effective website you will be proud of. A website that will look great on any device its viewed on. We develop and design some really engaging websites for people just like you.

Having a professional outstanding website can make a big impact on your business. We design eye-catching, SEO friendly, fast loading websites with all the functionality that you need. From the beginning we work with you to insure that the website that we are developing meets all your needs. We believe that to make a good website you have to know your stuff.

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