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website-comment-boxWebsite comment box script. There are lots of website comment boxes on the web, some comment boxes are free others you will have to pay for. Use our free website comment box generator to create a comment box code that you can copy and paste onto your site. Once done your visitors will be able to make comments on your very own comment box on your site. Below you have some options to design your HTML comment box the way you want it.

Let Visitors Have Their Say

I want people to be able to comment on my website. How do I add comments?

Allowing visitors to leave their comments on in your website comment box gives you a good insight into the types of visitors your site receives! Another good reason is once you have finished a page having a comment box will get you lots more fresh content on the page all the time. Spiders from search engines will see content added regularly helping the page SEO. Only allow comments with the same topic as the page content is best practise.

HTML Website Comment Box

First log in to your Google account. If you do not have one, then you can create a free Google account.
Then go to the Html Comment Box.
In the blue box, click on “Log in”.
You will be taken to your Google email account.
Enter your login information.
Please select the options you want available (found in the blue box).
Copy the code you see where it says highlight code.
Go to your site and paste the website comment box code in.
Save and republish your site to see your comment box working.

Use the website comment box on your website and let your visitors have their say. Copy the free HTML comment box code below.

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 Copy the code above after selecting these options the way you want them.
Moderate Your Comments: Log in to your Google account before copying the above code if you want to be able to delete unwanted comments you receive then refresh the comment box page.
Choose a skin (preview applied to box at the bottom of page)
 Number of Comments to show at once (per page. 5 to 25 is best.)
(+) More Options...

Below is a sample of what the comment box will look like on your website.

comment box make a website
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