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How To Make A Image Slideshow In HTML

image-slideshowImage Slideshow, want to know how to make a image slideshow in HTML for your website we make it easy. Use our HTML and JavaScript Slideshow code. You will be able to have a fantastic image slideshow, with gorgeous transition effects in a few clicks, images will fade in then fade out. Copy our image slideshow code, host the images you want to use on your site, replace the sample image links in the HTML code with your own image links, set the size of the images in the slideshow code and publish your site. Your web slideshow will be live on your website.

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How To Create A Drop Down Menu

how to create a drop down menu How To Create a Drop Down Menu. Having a nice drop down menu on your blog or site will help visitors to navigate your site, especially if your site has a lot of pages. It will also help your SEO as search engine crawlers will also crawl links from your horizontal drop down menu and find those pages that are on the menu. When you place your link titles in the menu try to use the main keyword phrases for the page you are linking to, giving that page a anchor link this will also help the page rank for those keyword phrase used in your horizontal menu, which is great for your SEO.

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